Tuesday, November 30, 2004

103 Summary

u guyz realli do ur homework reading this

the title of this post pop up my mind when im gonna summarize this pucking weekend in this one post...

ok lets begin from the day after the exam, wonderful saturday
wore my fav shirt, packed up and THAT PUSSY SLUT came to fetch me to the erl
we went to pick up BRIS, luckily she not late as she pucking use to be.

and btw my pucking air con is screwing wif me again
so we went to pickup THE BAD ROOMATE's GOOD GF along wif THE BAD ROOMATE

then there we go... we went erl and pussy drop us there, hope fully my car will b bac a virgin. then there we go... we waited 30min for the transit... kaw pucking long i tell u... and 3 of us hav nothing to crap about... then suddely that bris came up wif some lame shit to talk with

cut the check in part

then while waiting for the pucking plane to arrive... guess who i saw
the cun chic in my class... let me thinkg of a cun name... hmmm
THE CUN PG CHIC... that will do fine

k i saw her wif her frenz.... guyz sommore ceh... but the guy i used to c them 2gether is not there... k dont bother.... so there we go

this is my first flight in airasia
seriously they do suck... worst than a bus i tel ya
luckily theres an air stewardous which is on PAR... haha
comparing this plane here wif SIA is like comparing PROTON n a BMW
luckily the wind sound is loud... so i can get to talk to THE BAD ROOMATE's GOOD GF and dont bother the BRIS, LOL
shes quite weird thou... no comment

now to the landing part.... the plane seems to knock on to the floor n stopped.... here comes the lame part... we r suppose to walk into the airpot... how lame
after the arrival... there goes the girls... ppl came to 'JEMPUT' them... and i need to wait for my car... ceh

only one day aledi so many shit to say
for the rest of the ddays i tel u pucking idiots later

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