Sunday, January 02, 2005

105 I-MISS-KUNG-FU's day

post was qouted and edited from this lame site again

Kajang is our phucking destination for dinner that night....with I-MISS-KUNG-FU's idea and volunteery to treat all of us.... there must be a phucking mistake:))....but it is true with a condition. which is... he will bring someone with us and they will take LITTLE TIGER's phucking aircon-less garbage truck!!! nice deal but pity that phucking tiger. At dinner time, we ate at Sate Kajang with mrs kungfu, PUCAT, who is invited by I-MISS-KUNG-FU n it was so long for us to wait, if PLAYBOI is mistaken, we phucking waited half an hour to grab our seats n another phucking half an hour for our food to be ready. The 80-sticks of chicken satay that we ordered, where a person must eat around 13 or 14 sticks. if u have to minus, this is the correct way to count, the lame PLAYBOI and PUCAT only ate 10!!! That is my first visit to the place n it has already given me quite a phucking shit.... the whole journey to Kajang took around 3 to 4 hours as some mofo who supposed to be the phucking tour guide to Kajang, brought us round that phucking city as this mofo led to the phucking wrong direction ....all the blame is put on u, FUCKI:P.

I-MISS-KUNG-FU's wrong idea + FUCKI's wrong direction = my phucking problem

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  1. nandeska....everything in my blog is a trademark....u can't just steal my copyright just like that:P


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