Friday, January 14, 2005

106 First Ticket

this post is original, not taken from any lame site

yesterday was an end for all eweek shits... some ends well some ends like shit!

ok the shit comes first, enigma was bit phucked up by those cute dollies PRz. pity... end of the event, THE BIG BOS was pissed... SCREWDRIVER NO1 was pissed... and pity I-MISS-KUNGFU had to answer their pisses :( he did all he can... but it doesnt go his way

the hapi endin, everything had end!!!
no more quarreliing and no more SCREWDRIVER screwing with us :P

ok back to today, careerfair was over but i still have an phucking morning call again!!! this panasonic b asking me how to go to that BACHELOR CHUAH's office... OMFG its 7am b!

at noon, me n THE-BAD-SLUT went to FCM to meet DONKEY-KONG, DEGIL and the PHUCKIN-IDIOTz for lunch. after i took the white rice only i realise i have 3 bucks, migod first time i happen to go eat with an empty pocket!!! then holding my plate of white rice, i hopped to DONKEY-KONG to phucking borrow 5 bucks... he was like WTF~ing. damn phuckin paiseh wei... go eat with an empty pocket

after lunch ENTAO followed me to MPH to have a look at the booth company then to take money then to pump petrol.

here comes the phucking climax, 106 is named 'First Ticket' because of this phuckin toh sui incident. after petronas, we used the fav route back to cyber, on the way theres 2 traffic lites at the bridge. i stopped at the 1st lite. when it was green, i go. then the 2nd wan was red, i stopped.

then here comes the phuckaz, 2 phucking policemen (for your info, his phucking serial is K151152 the toh sui number which will phucking toh sui me) stopped beside me and said i break the red lite. WTF???

after arguing for quite sometime,this phuckaz are cock sucking mofoz i tell ya and im definitely not paying this mofoz to do this shits to me X-)

a new year started off with my very first phuckin ticket... toh sui sial

juz another mofo~ing day

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  1. 6th sense told me not to follw coz u will meet those policemen:p....if i were to go there, then u won't be seeing them coz i bring u luck, right;)


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