Friday, January 21, 2005

107 SWo = SUx

juz like the other morningz...

we woke up dem early 2 get prepared for DR-HYPNOSIS-TAN's class, juz b4 we took off... we found out tat theres no class, then why i woke up so phuckin early???

so GRUMPY-TURTLE in a piji, THE-BAD-SLUT and me decided to hav breakfast in HB3. THE-BAD-ROOMIE said he eat d wo dowanna eat wif us >>> pls remember dis

so we stopped by at the chicken chop shop and d only shit they r selling r their suck and getting sucka nasi lemak, dem!!! bcoz our GRUMPY-TURTLE is in a piji, we had to phuckin turn bac to change... dem toh sui i tel ya

when we reached fcm cafe, guess who we saw...

our beloved, THE-BAD-ROOMIE wif NOVEMBER... dis roomie is a dem fucka i tel ya, dem lot of lies wan, no wonder hes the bad roomie >:)

in d afternoon, we headed for BACHELOR-CHUAH's talk bout some entrepreneur shits... as usual, so called bz ppl is alwez late. btw he realli need 2 get a nice tie, his tie sux sial, believ it or not my grandpa has betta tie than his :P his talk was quite long but then we stayed. boring but still much much more better than going to FAGER's tutorial i tel ya.

now 2 d climax, the talk ended... we headed to FAGER's tutorial, heres d scenario of FAGER's phucked up tutorial.

first question, everyone was happili copying d answer then FAGER erased half of d steps...

2nd question, even FAGER basic formula was wrong... he wrote V=CdI/dt or some shit which is apparently opposite, luckili half of d class r copyin only

3rd question, frankly... FAGER's answer is not convincing, fortunately almost everyone is not copyin

4th question, even mofoz dont give a dem 2 dis old phuck... how many oppotunity wil u giv 2 dis fella?

3.50pm, pom~ pom~ pom~ chik~ cehk~ everyone was packin behind his bac...
3.55pm, d old phuck went 2 take his paper on d table, some mofo stood up n leave d class

without a split second, everyone leaves da clas without hesitation... who giv a dem 2 dis old phuck finish his part or not

in d end of dis elektronikz tut, the followin equation is proven 2 b true

SWo = SUx

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