Sunday, January 23, 2005

108 Tuan-Yan-Fun

Date : Jan 22nd, 2005

woke up juz like other mofo~ing morningz with no phuckin food stall open in da hostel... crap

with all da PHUCKIN-IDIOTz went to swimmin karniva, lucki me thers ADRENALINE to eat wif me. im not sure its she toh sui or i goes lucki :P hopefulli da PHUCKIN-IDIOTz din phuck up MRS-KUNG-FU's karniva

night had 2 go 4 dis CNYE Tuan Yan Fun dinner or some shit wif ENG~SOC ('eng' in hokkien = free) again, i tel ya joining dis SOC is realli toh sui... need 2 go n we need 2 pay sommore.

asked us 2 gather in zebra crossin at 645, til 655 i stil c no phuckin shadows, reali phuckin malaysian time i tel ya >:)

reach there, the place is ok, lots of chix wif cheong sam 2 kap sommore. oh ya forget to mention that its BACHELOR-CHUAH n BREEZE (previousli known as BRIS) 's bd. pity BREEZE's sista, FAB need 2 strave in da room for da whole nite... da food n service tat nite realli suck kaw kaw. our plates r s dirty s shit n they stil dowana change 4 us. da fish is da most disappointing wan... da feichaoyu taste more like garlic than fish n its not phuckin fresh, lesson number one for MANDARIN-FRIKz, u cant eat fish if its not phuckin fresh~!

after tat we went 2 halo cafe in scp 2 celeb BREEZE's bd. nice place wif chix but price of da drink is phuckin expensif!!! even sky juice cos 2 bucks makahai, even dome dont charge for water. n we had a foto takin session, this FOTOBOI went huggin~huggin gay~gay wif all 2 take pic... migod... a disasta... after tat we left n headed bac, hopefully FAB is stil alive, pity.

ENG~soc family foto

came back continue watchin da queereye DECEMBER lent me, quite cun sial... they realli need 2 pay SCREWDRIVERz a visit!!! oh ya i stil owe DECEMBER 12 buck worth of loka loka ice creamz :)

and NOVEMBER ffk~ed me, she said wana bring me clubbing wan :(

not n interstin day but at least better than those phuckin day stayin in da room waitin for mofoz 2 ajak dota

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