Tuesday, January 25, 2005

109 Finding AdiPrene

Date: Jan 25th, 2005

Today's to do list:
SCREWDRIVERz (FAKER, GRUMPY-TURTLE, DEGIL, DONKEY-KONG n da mofo) suppose 2 leave 4 bkt bintang at 11am

11am, all SCREWDRIVERz still sleeping
11.30am, everyone is wonderin whether da trip is stil on. after screwing around, we decided 2 go...
12pm, here we go~!

da FAKER recommended some cun place which he used 2 go 4 lunch in petaling street, so he brought us to some so called 'valet' parking lot which can only park 15 carz. then we walk across the bridge... go thru puduraya... almost reach chi cheong kai... dis place is freakin far... 2 a shoplot which looks more like a 'chicken' shop called green hut or somethin

in da 'chicken' shop, as usual da dark environment where other chicken shop has, is fulled with marker pen n liquid paper notes on da wall, looks like some loan shark notices in da hk movies. da customers there r full wif skool galz i tel ya, this might b cun 2 us if we were 5 years bac... but skool galz... no comments :P now lets tok bout da food, i ordered da honey chicken rice and a orange juice. dem sweet and DEGIL's lemon chicken taste like sui boey. what can u expect a place from a person who eat garlic bread wif sugar

after this 'wonderful' meal, we headed bac, thru da puduraya AGAIN... across the bridge AGAIN... to the 'valet' parkin. this 'valet' parkin is highli recommended from da mofo, payin only 3 bucks dis valet show my car way out n blok other cars which r in my way, dem cun. 'da mofoz best parkin award' goes 2 ~~~~~~~~~~ da pudu 'valet' parkin. so we headed 2 timesquare's parkin

after parked my car, we headed 2 sungai wang. da FAKER wanted 2 buy new shoe so we went 2 da royal sports. suddenly he showed me a shoe which is cun for him, an AND1... wow cun brand ... which is in purple n yellow color... OH AM AF GEE... thats gay 2 wear 2 class, n dis mofo doesnt play basketball, GRUMPY-TURTLE said its a barney shoe, true true only 5 yr old kids wear tat 2 nursery.

so we headed 2 a adidas shop across da street, went upstairs 2 checkout da sale itemz. after lookin n lookin n comparin n comparin 4 30min, dis fuzzy FAKER finally decided 2 try dis blue sport shoe... then no size... kaw phuck la... choose 4 so phuckin long n now no phuckin size. then we headed down 2 find a more expensif 1 since dis phucka dun mind spendin more. in da mean time, we found out those funy funy tech tat adidas use 2 tipu orang suck as adiprene n adiprene plus, each adi adi coz extra $50... we sat there waited 4 dis mofo for an phuckin hour and he still dowanna buy... all of the shopkeeper lookin at dis mofoz spendin 2 hours in da shop choosin some shoe which he will never buy ... dem phuckin paiseh u know... all of us r phuckin dulan wif dis mofo, he buy things is worst than my grandma i tel ya... juz get what u like n pay 4 it will do la

so i suggested 2 go 2 lot 10 2 have a look, n dis FAKER is dem lucki that theres dis casual fair or something... so i went there n walk around in da fair, findin tat ntg interest me... n i walk out. da FAKER still ther findin findin, i oso no eye see. so we went 2 esprit 2 tengok tengok n leave da phucka 2 choose 4 himself. after esprit, da phucka is stil ther choosin choosin, so i suggest tat we go 4 da paris hilton's slut shop 2 tengok tengok. when we came out, finally tat phucka is queueing 2 pay d... migod its about time d! after payin, he told me he wana buy some sox, n we go 2 nike shop 2 buy. in da sox section, he straight take da most expensif dry fit sox n say he want it... i hope tat he can buy his shoe dis fast 3 hours ago

oh ya today's title is adiprene bcoz da shoe da FAKER bought is a AdiPrene series, we were dem hapi when dis mofo actuali bought it... if he din buy anything we gonna screw him kaw kaw 4 wastin 3 of our phuckin hours

so we went 2 lowyat after that, of coz lowyat is a muz go 4 SCREWDRIVERz. n i found out that da cdr i bought wif THE-BAD-ROOMIE only cos $39 in lowyat... we bought it for $59 in sunway, mark car hi!!!! i wil nvr buy things from sunway again.

then we headed back 2 timesquare 4 diner in tepanyucky, da FAKER ordered some funy food called sucky-yucky... a soup wif prawns i guess...

after the meal we went 2 admire some toys in da toy collection shop then we headed 2 d carpark. on our way out, timesquare's parkin lot has dis supa high bump... alwez kena my car's stomach one... n da car infront was full house oso, before each bump u know what those mofoz did??? 2 person from da back seat will come out then after da car passes da bump they will enter back... we were lik laughin how stupid these mofoz were.

end of da day, headed back... empty handed... whos fault??? PEH


  1. wey wey~ can explain clearly who's the scredriverz?
    and then // wahahahah i knew cannot buy things i mean PC stuff fr sunway a long time ago .. yay~!


    all character's 'secret identity' will be revealed at episode 111 :P


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