Monday, February 07, 2005

113 Penang Trip 2

Previously in Penang Trip:
TURTLE, PLAYBOI, LITTLE TIGER n me went 2 netcity 2 dday... so 'fortunately' its full!!!
then we went all da way 2 1stop's evo 2 cc. evo sux kaw kaw, can u believe tat they r stil using ball mouse??? after tat we saw ppl kiu kai infront of berjaya hotel, lucki TURTLE 2 hav dis type of opportunity :P

Date: Feb 7, 2005
if u havent forget, i stil hav my stupid ticket wif me. so finalli i can pay my summon in pg's balai. met some nice indian copz, they r so efficient n helpful :)no wonder they r higher rank than those putrajaya dickless mofoz >:X

if u r wonderin how those summon receipt looks like,
da pic is attached below

Nite: da pg trip 2
after some sms, TURTLE, DEGIL n me decided 2 hav pg trip 2: dota in netcity!!! i went all da way up 2 kristal point s2 2 fetch TURTLE, then on da way bac... took wrong road... end up in town... shit... then took wrong road again... crap... realli chain reaction. then we went 2 tanjung 2 get DEGIL. finally we reached netcity, what do u expect... full house!!! mark car hi!!! if PUSSY SLUT knows bout this he sure laugh til lik shit. so we ended up eatin in mamak... n we decided 2 blame peh for all of this.

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