Saturday, February 12, 2005

115 Busy Penang

penang used 2 b a quiet n peaceful place... wher u can go wher ever u wan n get wat ever u wan...

but dis cny, its diff... theres phuckin lots of carz around

wanted 2 bring my bro 4 a movie at 5
i took a phuckin hour 2 get 2 gurney plaza~!!!!
n when i reach there, the queue 2 da ticket is even phuckin longer than da jam 2 gurney, mark car hi~!

wif kaw lot of disappointment, we went 2 chopper board 4 a feast. n they dun hav ice... need 2 drink hot water, dem suck wei dis shop!!! den later they serve me wif some stupid rice thingy insde a soup... is like rice + koay teow th'ng = very very suck!!! dem dulan til da hot chix around me oso kenot kool me down

after diner, me n da family went 2 papa's bos's supa kaw big mansion!!! his mansion is even bigger than lex luthor's uncle house!!! his house is like a bmw showroom, theres 3 seri, 5 seri, 7 seri n a x5 sommore... totally imba~! theres lift inside da house sommore... where each time da lift moves up or down, papa bos need 2 pay 30 cents, lol!!! they hav dis tv room which has kaw da hebat projector, we watched alexander... frankly i lik inspirin movies but dis gay film realli realli very disappointing!!!

luckili TURTLE n DEGIL didnt follow dis round or else wil end up penang trip 3 :P

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