Sunday, February 20, 2005

118 1st Time 2 Library

epm1016 chap 2 is kaw long wei, too boring so i started to blog this shit.

Date: February 20th, 2005
playing football with SpAnAr at our favourite spot, the tennis field :P it just remind me bout the water patch mofo who ask "is this a tennis court or a football field???" to us its a football field u dumb ass! imagine we spent the first half an hour of the game to search for PLAYBOI's fevernova in the drain, thanks to our contributing star player, CIBAI.

after the game, we went to EGGTART's casino for 'kao lao wui'. EGGTART must have had some fengshui master to checkout his room before we went, this mofo actually swept all our money!!!

back to room, chat with some ppl. then BREEZE told me her 'wonderful' expedition to bukit bintang. she spent $20++ for transport and come back empty handed. hmmm... is this a dejavu? it sounds like finding adiprene, if u guyz forgot bout it. check it out at 109 Finding Adiprene

woke up with headache as usual. ate some birdfood and so. then suddenly BREEZE ask me to join her table with VICKY during enite. i remembered the last time she wanted to join my table, i told her to ask peh. this time, i hesitate. if i were hesitate it means im not convince in the choices i have. heres the choices i have.

choice number one:
i join BREEZE in VICKY's front table which i know all of them. i see no prob i that.

choice number two:
i join FAKER's table which 'probably' have chix. i wouldnt mind joining a table which i dunno them. but further thought, our beloved FAKER here has chix. he was acting mysteriously these dayz. he cant make a decision to join us in alamanda. he join us in alamanda cause 'shes not coming.'. let me think whats the outcome if i were to join his table.

outcome number one:
he enjoyed with his chix. left me alone. i wouldnt mind, i stil can go find other friends.

outcome number two:
hey sorry steven, i have no place left for u. can u join other table? if this were to happen, it will phucking piss me off i tel ya

outcome number three:
hey steven, we cant get enough ppl for the table. i joined my friends table already, u go find your own table ok?

ok, it might not this bad. but this is not convincing. up til now, i heard no news from him. what can i do?

finally i chose to join BREEZE in VICKY's table. sometimes risk are not meant to be taken.

after lunch, i went to library with SpAnAr, hoho~!

kaw lot of familiar faces there, theres EGGTART n his roomie, BREEZE, GRACECHAI, PUCAT, BUMBLEBEE, EA and some mofoz who went for football with us yesterday.

at first i was sitting the table beside of SpAnAr then suddenly PUCAT came to their table, they are flirting around. dem noisy i tell ya. so i decided to sit in the last row. went all the way to the last row, saw some international chix with cun body cuts. then i sat beside a fat mofo. the other side of the table theres BUMBLEBEE's friend whos same class as me. dunno them, but one of them look like a b to me, no comment.

later on, BREEZE came to me with her disney on ice proposal trying to convince me to bring her, GRACE and some mofoz there. frankly, disney on ice is something nice, but going with u girls... hmmm... i dunno what to say. and they wanna go for the ring side ticket. oh am gee its $140++. considering that i was forced to go to enite by ENG~soc, $85 + a nice shirt for enite, $120 + if i were to go disney on ice $140 = $350++ oh am af gee, migod i think i spent like hell for last month, not this month too.

in the middle of boredom, suddenly came a girl, looks not bad... at least convincing walking infront of me finding books. shes walking here and there in front of me. so i decided to take my handphone out and play bounce and meanwhile check her out :P

i decided to sit with SpAnAr back cause im tired d. so i sat back with PLAYBOI and check her out with a different fengshui. then in the end, she found her book. or maybe acting that she found one after a 30min of seduction i guess. she sat down at her place, in front a guy she know. might be her bf or might be some mofo trying to impress her. but it doesnt matter. after a few minutes of chit chatting with ENTAO and CIBAI, i decided to go back to have a nap.

ok lets evaluate studying in library.
1. u have friends there, u wont feel lonely.
2. u can ask someone if u dont understand.
3. sometimes theres lui to kap
i think the 3rd one is more important than anything else so let me get started with the disadvantages.

1. before u get to study, u aledi started sweating after walking there.
2. its noisy when theres some ppl flirting around.
3. u cannot just sleep there if u are tired. my friends do that, but its lame. pls respect yourself!

had dinner with SpAnAr at hb4, had some koay teow goreng which looks more like koay teow sup where the sup is minyak cap helang. oh am gee, every mouth i eat i must drink my cincau. imagine how suck it was trying to swallow every bite of your food.

ok summary of the day,
FAKER to the board room.

im very disappointed.

u cant make a decision to join your friends in alamanda.
u join your friends in alamanda cause 'shes not coming.'.
u let your friend doubt bout u over your actions.
u cant even convince your friend to stay at your table in enite.
u let your friend chose to join BREEZE in VICKY's table over your table with chix.

peh, u're FIRED.

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