Tuesday, April 19, 2005

121 Skool Break Begins

April 14, 05 (Thu) - Finally its over
noon, finally exams are over. there goes my mini :(
guess whats the first thing we do after the exam... dota! we are suppose to go lowyat that day but as u know PUSSY-SLUT will never miss a chance to ffk us.

night, went diner wif ENTAO and EGGTAT at new paris ss2. it was like the greatest meal ever after 6 months of cyberjaya's nasi goreng minyakz.

that night, we are suppose to have a ScReWdRiVeR reunion yumcha at murni but guess what. our beloved pehboi has to go to malacca, so he asked us to postponed it to the next day.

Day 1
April 15, 05 (FRI) - A Great Day for Dota

like the title of the day, its a great day for dota.
lucky day, im godlike 9 - 0 til i did something stupid. went into the fountain to kil ppl :P the pic is my blog template above.

then at nite, THE-BAD-ROOMIE's parents came to pick him up. his dad talks alot, no doubt a true penang lang. always say how homia the son is. wk, welcome to my life :P

so we are suppose to have this ScReWdRiVeR reunion tonite, and yet again, pehboi ffk us for the pehmates. so we ended up in tanjung with only 5 of us, ENTAO, EGGTAT, DONKEY-KONG and THE-PUSSY-SLUT. in the middle of the meal, peh sms me, asked me to yumcha and said got galz wor... kononnya not enough car and want me to be driver la, so i said no. in the end of the day, i heard they cramp 7 person in to his pehmobil... omg its 7 person in the pehmobil! after the meal, we went back to work.

Day 2
Appril 16, 05 (Sat) - SpAnAr's Day
guess star: ADMIRAL

i dota-ed from yesterday til 7.30am then go SK for dimsum, the SpAnAr reunion breakfast. the members: I-MISS-KUNGFU, LITTLE-TIGER, UNCKA-FREDDIE, FUCKIE, TCB, ENTAO, PLAYBOI and ADMIRAL. the best part of going out with SpAnArS is there most of the members will be there not like the ScReWdRiVeRs where most of them will ffk especially u know who.

nite, went to summit for a diner infront of the club, some western food thingy where the ice lemon tea cost 3 bucks! then a movie, sahara not samara. interesting adventure movie, a must watch. the best part which i could remember is 'he did a panama'where he blew his boss's boat to kick the enemy's ass.

Day 3
April 17, 05 (Sun) - Leaving Cyber

pack my stuff and leave this desert for good.

and the mofo PLAYBOI left me his guitar which i dunno how to play and his 2 balls which i have no interest to kick. i ended up brought all his rubbish to my aunt's place.

Day 4
April 18, 05 (Mon) - Jobhunting
guest star: JANUARY

suppose to go to cyber to collect my receipt, guess what... pehboi ffk me.

so i decided to go to the curve to find some jobs, unfortunately most of the shops wants ppl who are willing to work for a longer period not 2 months, stupid mmu. later on, LEVI came all the way from his place wif a cab to meet me there. guess again, he was ffk-ed by pehboi too. after that, we went to 1u and we met NOVEMBER's housemate, JANUARY. the only thing i notice is that she was holding loka loka~!

April 19, 05 (Tue) - The Geisha Story

another ffk morning by peh. spent whole day in the house reading NOVEMBER's memoirs of a geisha (chapter 16). an interesting story about how a girl turn to be a geisha, interesting from a guy's point of view :P

nite, my aunt n unc have this bible reading thingy at their house. so thers few ppl came to praise the lord or something... after that they asked me to join for a supper, they are having a youth trip to putrajaya this saturday and the pastor asked whether im interested in joining them since i know the place. considering the fact that most chruches do have chix, i dont see any harm joining them :P

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