Thursday, April 21, 2005

122 Day 6

hapi bd xiaohooi

April 20th, 2005

woke up early to meet PEHBOI in ss2, as usual, hes nvr early. after that off we go to cyber, went there to pickup my tuition fees receipt and i met BREEZE's ex-roommate. theres this visit from some thai uni, most of them are some old ppl til i saw a chic. its like spotting a flower in a pile of shits.

we called DEGIL and TURTLE to have lunch, went wongsunkee. how 'fortunately' no food, ended up eating fried chic wif rice only... pity sial. then in the middle of our meal... to be more accurate, in the middle of my meal since the others had finish... theres this 2 chic i guess, din really take a look at them since they are standing behind me, came to collect donation for some soso handicap organization. then suddenly she said something bout reducing income tax and all, hey we are uni students, our 'work' (dota) doesnt have income tax! so nvm, to get rid of them, i took out 1 buck to shooo them away... then DEGIL took out 5 bucks, how sincere... i think i better take a good look at the girl, my point of view... i have no comments. then PEHBOI and TURTLE each gave 1 buck. then the girl behind her wrote a 8 buck receipt for us, none of us wants the receipt since its in-'claimable' in our 'work'. in the end i took it for the sake of posting a photo in this blog to show how much we 'care' for the society :P when the girls left, PEHBOI pop up and say, "hey u saw the gal behind??? she look not bad", all of us gave him the wtf look then we hop in to the TURTLE-mobil and off to work.

the receipt wif the not bad gal's handwriting, which i have no idea what she wrote

in our 'office', we loged into the US battlenet server to meet our other 'colleagues'. after the game, i went to pay the shopkeeper. the shopkeeper was eating his char hor fan. theres lots of coins in my pocket, so i grab the coins and try to put all of them on the table so i can see whether its enough to pay him. so 'fortunately' one of the coins rolled down the table and drop into his char hor fan =)) the char hor fun soup is so thick that we cant even see the coin inside it, the pity fella used his spoon to korek korek to find the missing gold coin :)) the fella showed me a pity look, kesian sial... bad day for him. soli pal, the only thing i can do is to say soli :P

diner, my unc's sis drop by with some petaiz. i forgot to tel u guyz what i drank last nite, koh kua thng... erm... i dunno what its called in english, some bitter melon thingy, i hate bitter. if my mum were to cook it, she will be drinking it all alone :)) then today, we have buah petai. hate the taste, since all of them were watching me eat, i have no choice but to stuck everything in my mouth and swallow :((

later, continued the geisha story (chapter 22) while waiting to yumcha wif QUIKSILVER at 1030. the pump had leaked, the shower i always use has no water pressure. so i had to use my unc's batroom to bathe. this is my first time to enter their room, the room look so old. their house is old but their room is like even older. a couple room suppose to have this 'sensation' so that...

so i met QUIKSILVER in ss2, no doubt he was wearing a quiksilver. then he suggested "hey u know theres this tong sui there not bad wan" then i brought me to ktz, i was like wtf... he brought me there last tri break and he brought me there again without realising it. so we ended up in the indomee corner where out of 10 shops, 7 shops sell drinks.

enough adventure for today compare to yesterday... staying at home lay eggs

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