Monday, April 25, 2005

124 Mumbai Express

new cast: ROCKLEE (u are lucky that i din call u bajahitam :)) )
guest star: NIKE (LEVI's bro), PALLMALL

Date: Arpil 24th, 2005 (Sun) Day 9

continued from yesterday, i stil havent sleep. after fed up with the com, i took my pillow, play a dvd called 'assaunt in precint 13' and slept in the hall.

then early this morning, my beautiful dream (not wet wan, juz incase :P ) was disturbed by Darkie, another of my aunt's stupid dog. this mofo dog barked non stop, dunno to whom also, must be nothing better to do then kacau this sleeping fella X-)

as planned, we (ROCKLEE + LEVI + me) went to midvalley but theres some slight changes instead of the master of all ffk, pehboi, we replaced him with NIKE. we bought ticket to watch this movie called 'Mumbai Express'. since we have time, we went chillis for lunch. ROCKLEE ordered the most expensif pasta, LEVI had hb4's kebab, NIKE had fish n chips and i had this taq fish grill, thumbs up :)

sooyichang, if u see this pic still empty, u havent send me the photos yet

ok movie time! u will be wondering why we chose 'Mumbai Express'. if u do notice, theres lesser and lesser of mofo storiez in my blog, so my good fren, ROCKLEE suggested that we watch bollywoody movie. so we dared him and we ended up watchin sharukhan in action. with the name with express behind, no doubt its something like 'Polar Express' but instead of in polar, the movie is about mumbai. the best part of the movie is when this fella welcome the kids to aboard, imagine sharukhan with the bollywood slang "welcome aboard........" shaking his head like those mamak fellaz with sexy chix behind him. after the movie, NIKE bought some little gift then we headed home.

back home, my aunt asked me why i didnt join the church youth to putra, i was like wtf! the fella ffk me and now they are accusing me ffk them??? after that we only realise that theres some misunderstanding.

long n confusing story, if not interested just skip. here it goes, this fella PALLMALL suppose to call me and pick me up yesterday. so he asked steven's number from his mum. and she gave him steven's number. so he did call steven. steven said he is in rawang and very busy and he couldnt join them. so they left without steven. (all stevenz above is not me except the last one :( )

so later at night, he called up and ask me to yumcha. to apologiz and stuffs, of coz hes wrong, he made me missed out alot of 'things' ;) so when he came with his sista, oh so this is the consolation prize :(( she looks ok but shes form 2, same age as my sista... ok this is not good, this is not a consolation prize, too bad i dont have PUSSY-SLUT's specific kiddie skool gal taste.

so we went to murni for chit chat, since PALLMALL is same age as me, all we talk about is college thingy and stuffs, pity the sista, she knows nothing, go there buat bodo. lesson nono number one, dun bring your sistaz to yumcha wif u unless she can get along wif us. then later on, PALLMALL asked me to join his youth, guess what... old tactics... he told me theres once a gal was boasting around that her church has lots of cun chix. then one day the gal went to his church and found out that his church has more cun chix. let me translate it to something simpler "steven, theres lots of cun chix in my church, pls do come, if u dont believe in the god, it doesnt matter. at least the chix wil keep u occupied.". wtf, seems like the church youth is not so holy afterall.

so he left to toilet for awhile, left his sista and me there. ok, what can u chat with a little gal, a form 2 little gal. frankly, i dunno what to talk to her. i saw her holding a fon, so i started some stupid crap bout hand fonz. wrong topic, u dun chat hand fons wif litta galz... thats gay. now i wish that i had some 'specific taste' of the PUSSY-SLUT :( luckili PALLMALL din took so long or else i wil ended up wif gayer topics wif a litta gal. so we hop into the PALLMALL mobil and go home.

packed my stuffs and going back early tmr to see my mini :)

myyyyy preeeeecious :P

actually we didnt watch the mumbai express, if u realli do believe that... pity u :))


  1. Why does it lok like everybody is getting a goddamn ipod mini?

  2. my dad saw it cheaper in the states, so he bought :)

  3. hahahahahahaha!! fazri jealous!!!!! ;p

  4. Anonymous11:34 PM

    wei!! take off me name.. the pic is ther alreadi ler.. -_-"


  5. haha if u din say that, ppl wun know your real name is sooyichang, lol

  6. Anonymous11:36 PM

    -_-" ape la u...



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