Thursday, May 05, 2005

127 Survivor

a week ago...
i was trying to find a job during the tri break, but failed.

so i went back pg and started to plan my 'roadtrip' then suddenly my 'good' fren ADRENALINE sms-ed me that she found a job and said theres vacancy. so i called up the company, which is a 6 star hotel in pg call eee nnn ooo hotal and they asked me to go for an interview.

thats the stupidest interview i ever went, dunnit cert, ask ntg. of coz theres a catch... coz the job doesnt need qualifications~! dont worry its not gigolo~ing, just joking :P but worst... as a backside marketer.

but the pay is well

thx for the recommendation ADRENALINE X-)

Traning day (Wed)
an nbf and me went for training.

1st day of work (Thu)
nbf hilang diri, ADRENALINE came for training

2nd day of work (Fri)
nbf showed up, ADRENALINE came for 1st day

4th day of work (Sat)
nbf hilang diri

5th day of work (Mon)
ADRENALINE hilang diri, wtf... 'good' fren kononnya ffk me

6th day of work (Tue)
2 new comers (suann + nbf2) came for training

7th day of work (Wed)
nbf2 hilang diri

Date: May 5th, 2005 (Thu) Day 21 of break
8th Day of work, all hilang diri :)) wtf???
seems like not everyone can tahan bein a backside marketer

looks like in the only survivor in this stupid job to entitle the prize of nice pay
ate alone again in my favorite mamak + read newspaper to pass my time...

all because of my 'good' fren...
dowan fren her liao, go yumcha wif tai kah je oso dowan 2 cal her X-)


  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    AHAHAHAH~!!! inilah dipanggil, "tak han mou yea chou", balasan setimpalnya..(read it in kantonise..:P) ALL HAIL THE SOLE SURVIVOR of backside markerter!! n may the force be wif u to continue ur job.. may it be wif u to survive.. =P


  2. Wahaha~ stevie-o-stevie...
    still in that job? or you followed your good friend's footstep?

  3. Anonymous11:13 PM

    hehe lucky u din ajak me..quit !!then i belanja u dome...shhhh..don tell..haha

  4. apani... encourage me to quit sommore. hey u workin in dome? tak ajak :(


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