Monday, May 09, 2005

128 Saturday, Sunday & Monday

dunno wat to name this post, so simply put the day as title :)

date: May 7th, 2005 is Road Trip to Holand
morning, sell backside

afternoon, go pg bridge, follow kl & ipoh, exit bkt tambun's tol, turn left, turn right at traffic light, pass bus stop at my left then turn left...

then i reach 'holand' (lost)

so i picked up WUGUI in holand then we went auto city, sounds like going to 'tengok kereta' but ended up in secret recipe. and i earned $50 + a slice of cake + a glass of ice tea :))
then we went pacific mall, siao siao high class pasar malam. its like gurney plaza turns bkt jambul :)) the top floor is like some wanderer's hangout spot, dem shit lot of nbfz.

night, went to bmw show room for housewarming. met this ELTON-GAY, imagine someone gayer than BOO-WONDER, yuxx~! playing the touch touch nose thingy, how gay could a game be???

date: May 8th, 2005 is Mommy's Day
went lunch wif mum's ama somewhere at farlim, ONLY $200 for 2 table
verdict: cun food althou its cheapskate food. everyone had fun :)

went dinner wif dad's ama at midland restaurant, $700 for 2 table
verdict: suck ass, cold food, shit ass services, dont bother

then theres this dem kid behind our table, shouting 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh...' in front of the fan which produced 'ah ah ah ah ah ah ah...', my aunt was complaining bout the kid non stop. then my cousin said that was what i alwez do when im small :)

forget to buy present for mama, next time la haha :P

date: May 9th, 2005 is Raining o Raining
raining heavily, ama;s place flood... late for work, hurray~!
eye pain thx to WUGUI :(( kenot wear lense today :((
LANALANG2 brought SECRETARY-JUNIOR and me to have a look in the suites in our hotel, dem cum sial... big toilet wif antique bath tube :)) (the azman way)

i will reveal wat response ppl wil give when a backside marketer gave them a call :D

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