Saturday, May 21, 2005

129 First Paycheck

aih lazy to compile all the customer's info for u guyz... next time perhaps
but theres another hapi news :)

Date: May 20th, 2005
hapi 21st aniversary dd n mm~!
went crc for dinner wif dd, mm n HI-GIRL, hope can link my dad's fon to dl the video :)
and wheres AH-WERN-AR? he ffk us to see cyndi and watch episode 3 without me, gud bro kononnya. everytime i bring him go netcity and he repays me wif not bringing me to watch episode 3, cis
crc sux compare to the old dayz but we had a good time there :)

Date: May 21st, 2005
hoho finally i got my first paycheck after surviving 2 weeks,

the first thing my family did was brought me to secret recipe and asked me to belanja, oh am gee... i havent got the money yet and u guyz aledi made me to fork money 1st :P

where my money went once i got paid

then tmr need to belanja grandparents to makan, hopefully me amah wun diam diam go behind to pay the bill b4 me... she alwez does that. so my parents asked my siblings to grab my amah's arms to make sure she doesnt diam diam go pay the bill :P


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    hohoho... looks like its finally time to get ur gaji dee? so sad case man.. onli get few hundred bucks of "hard n painfull" labour, n den hilang coz parents ask u to pay bill.. =P wat la.. But, also like dat ge la, since u also dun wan treat me wif ur money? sure the money go treat someone else in the end one.. kenot run away one.. =|


  2. hard earned money must use to spend those who is worth to spend ma brotha... dont worri, since we so gud fren, i belanja u ais kosong once i go bac pj k?


  3. ~ehh~ untung betul~
    only for a mere 2 weeks .. can earn 500 bucks ..
    i can spend it all in this mega sales in 2 days .. er.. make it one~!
    wargh~! I don't know how to earn money~ but i know how to spend~!

  4. apala untung... cucuk backside u know, not nice wan


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