Monday, June 06, 2005

132 Happy Family Watch Day

i officially declare 3rd of June (Fri) as Happy Family Watch Day~!

my parents came back from honeymoon last nite, so this morning...
we go yo our usual breakfast spot again, kekekeke

after that, we went to our fav watch shop, tong eng in komtar... they sell watches like 'tiao lao tua kiam ke' (jump roof mega sale)

i was finding a casio red watch which i saw in isetan during the break, but they dun have that model... instead they got other colors, but after i have a close look of the watch... not as gud looking as i had in mind.

then my dad show me another casio watch... same series with world time... this n that blah blah blah. this casio has dozenz of lcd u cant imagine. i was looking for something simple, so the shopkeeper which is my mum's fren showed me another seiko chronograph... nice n simple... but not leather belt... very light n small compared to my previous one... my sis called it a 'piza'

my mum was looking a auto relay watch juz like my previous one, unfortunately there r no lady auto relay watches so she ended up buying the auto 1... very simple wif big numbers... gud for old ppl, lol

in a very hard decision... so i bought both of em

so in the end of the day... i bought 3 watches

the 1st one is the casio world time blah blah blah... for my dad

the 2nd one is a seiko auto... for my mum

the 3rd one is the seiko chrono watch... for me :D

i paid them wif my payroll... there goes my payroll... to make 3 person hapi :)



  1. Anonymous1:52 AM

    but here got 1 more not yet happy leh? LOL~!!!


  2. apala brotha,
    today u pi hapi wif u kaimui stil wana complain so much

  3. Anonymous12:48 AM

    alamak, at least got go yam cha wif u rite? n on time somemore.. lol~!!



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