Sunday, June 26, 2005

203 The Pehhiker's Guide to Ultimate Suck Ass Movie

203 The Pehhiker's Guide to Ultimate Suck Ass Movie
date: June 27th, 2005 (Saturday)

like any other morning, had corn flakes as breakfast. then THE-BAD-ROOMIE (which is now our housemate, im not so sure thats consider as a downgrade or an upgrade.) came out of his room n took off to NOVEMBER's place to cook maggi mee for her. im so hungry but he din ajak me but when gf hungry, he straight flew there to cook... good bf but stil a bad housemie!!!

THE-BAD-ROOMIE's maggi mee
NOVEMBER's comments:
- too much water, no taste
- overcooked, noodle too soft
- THE-BAD-ROOMIE ended up eating it

VEN's advice: cook for your housemates when u learn how to cook

just before THE-BAD-ROOMIE- left, DONKEY came back criticizing how suck jet li is in unleashed. dont worry, my fren... u havent had worst... this mofo PEHBOY recommended kungfu mahjong with a two thumbs up

so i went to watch it with ENTAO... its like oh am gee only ppl as retard as Kwok Chun On will watch this retard movie. and PEHBOY gave it a two thumbs up, migod

so we (PEHBOY, THE-BAD-ROOMIE, NOVEMBER and me) left for timesquare, bought hitchhiker's 7pm tickets then went to buy some stuffs in lowyat. PEHBOY went to buy network stuffs from a shop he claims to be his friend's uncle which hires sohai. the fat sohai four eye worker is dem lansi, u can easily notice him coz hes a sohai. the shop sells network cable but he duwan to sell THE-PUSSY-SLUT a network cable. only ppl like THE-PUSSY-SLUT wil sohai around with him. i pity PEHBOY's friend's uncle... i pity him for hiring a sohai to screw up his shop

then THE-BAD-ROOMIE bought a new brother printer at $470, fuiyo... and then THE-PUSSY-SLUT bought the same thing at $465 just to piss him off, lol. NOVEMBER gonna screw him for not bargaining enough. welcome to the brother family my housmates, we officially announce that brother is the official ScReWdRiVeR printer :)

then we headed back to timesquare to watch the pehhiker's guide to ultimate suck ass movie.

the movie started with a dolphin documentary... dolphin swimming around... doing summersot n shit... that time PEHBOY was like "say it... say it... oh am gee", THE-BAD-ROOMIE and NOVEMBER almost left the cinema because of this lame ass movie.

Earthman Arthur Dent is having a very bad day. His house is about to be bulldozed, he discovers that his best friend is an alien and to top things off, Planet Earth is about to be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

wow... sounds interesting...

Arthur's only chance for survival: hitch a ride on a passing spacecraft.

whoaaaaa.... how cun... even dude's wheres my car make a better movie than this

For the novice space traveler, the most astonishing adventure in the universe begins when the world ends. Arthur sets out on a journey in which he finds that nothing is as it seems: he learns that a towel is just the most useful thing in the universe,

oh am gee... a tower??? to be frank, a kiddie will be pissed paying $10 watchin this lame ass movie

finds the meaning of life, and discovers that everything he needs to know can be found in one book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

we found one book too: The Pehhiker's Guide to the Ultimate Suck Ass Movie

the only thing which is funny is Marvin, the big round headed awesome-o, whose live a pathetic life with a bunch of sohaiz... that is the only thing i agree

Marvin, pity you

verdict: DONT WATCH

advice: never trust a movie from PEHBOY

recommended for PeHmAtEz ONLY!!!


  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    first comment -
    The Bad Roomie will 4ever be a bad bf n bad roomie... -_-" Unless he becomes a good roomie, he can onli become a good bf (go thx God u din ask him to cook breakfast for u? =P hehehe...)

    second comment -
    shows recomended by Peh are kinda not advicable to take?? well, i guess u forgot his "specific" taste alreadi? (here's a hint *bajahitam*) ring a bell? ^^, kekeke...

    third comment -
    juz go n thx God again dat PehBoy dint ffk u this time.. ;)

    fourth comment -
    the moment u agree going out wif PEH, Ini-lah result-nye for not calling me to go..


  2. Dear Huppy = the pussy slut. and waikit...
    hahahahahaha ~
    So now huppy shouldn't laugh at waikit .. instead i shall laugh at both of you~!
    Wahhahahahahahahah ~ lets laugh together stevie ...

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