Thursday, June 23, 2005

Season 2 201 - pity peh

back to cyber another season of mofo stories

Date: June 14th, 2005 (Tuesday)

not to mention that skool just started yesterday, skooling is soooooo 'fun' compare to backside marketing back in the trimester breaks. meeting up friends, asking crap questions like 'how r u?' or 'how 'suck' ur holiday is?' which is not true except for backside marketers.

back to today, class started at 12pm, slept til 10++. went for class, see same faces AGAIN... might miss them NOT :P

my fren, DONKEY-KONG's sista's birthday is coming soon and he wanted to get her a watch for her 21st bd, so sweet... even thou they r from miri, miri reminds me bout a fat mofo called BARNEY or something who is also from miri which i met in taylors, we have this intro thingy in the first day of class and the first 'statement' which might be a 'fact' he made is that 'we dunnot live on trees', we know that u dumbass. Ok back to the bd thingy, so PEHBOY suggested that we go midvalley, and for the sake of trying to bring out the PeHmAtEz, he used the 'excuse' of DONKEY-KONG dunno how 2 buy lady watch to ask PUCAT out so tat the other PeHmAtEz will follow. Soli PeHmAtEz, u galz r stil guest starz... no time to think of names for u galz... next time perhaps :) so PEHBOY 'said' we will go at 6pm, an hour after our class.
*note the 'said'

5pm: ScReWdRiVeRz came back to the 'office', and the only thing we could do in the 'office' is to 'work' ;)

6pm: watch some cheung chi lam movie, coz we do know that PEHBOY will nvr turn up at this time :P PUSSY-SLUT's new hairstyle realli looks like cheung chi lam's one, which is at least better than his coconut cut, LOL

7pm: finally we kenot tahan so we go to below their blok to wait... at first PEHBOY suggested PUCAT to join my car but u know... girls take ages to prepare... so we asked for LEVI instead... so we left... we dumped PEHBOY wif his mates.

So we reached MV's cinema floor, dem hungry... me n TURTLE grabbed a mcd icecream to lick, yum yum :P zongie and DONKEY queued for the tickets... so we waited for the PEH and PeHmAtEz to arrive. So here they came, the prob now is watch what movie… that mofo PEH suggested interpreter... we were like wtf??? Nicole kidman was like so yesterday my fren, only guyz in the late 40s wil get high watching kidman... and another fact is that girlz dun get aroused watching sean penn. since I had house of wax in my mind quite some time ago and wanted to check out how elisha n paris wax in this movie and definitely not going to watch interpreter... I suggested to PEH "hey why not like this, me n TURTLE will go waxing and u guyz go interprate Nicole kidman?". Then DONKEY and LEVI said "even thou wax is a suck kaw movie, I wont mind waxing but im definitely not interpreting kidman." Heres the climax of today's post... the PeHmAtEz said "paris is so hot, lets burn wax~!" me n TURTLE stepped 5 steps to the right and LOL, pity peh

so DONKEY, TURTLE and me left them for watch hunting, went a few places to seek then suddenly DEGIL called "we r at kim gary and MISS-KIM is here, serving us~!" so we fast fast made up our mind for an elle paris watch for DONKEY sista then we rushed to uncle gary's place.

We went there last Friday (June 10th), that's the day we know MISS-KIM... shes not so cun, but she definitely make the services good, stil remember TURTLE asked "steven, how much r u gonna tip her", just to make out a crap... I replied wif my mum's words "u r stil a student, u r not earning money, after u r working, u can tip whatever u wan"... that's TRUE but I'll sure tip for gud services... but not much... im student ma! End of the meal, we asked for the bill, and she said "oh, sitting outside must go to the counter to pay", so I went in to the counter, oh am af gee, an old phuck in the counter... dunnit to tip la... waste money nia :P before we left for mr n mrs smith, this DEGIL... which I think he purposely did it... dropped his ticket in front of MISS-KIM then kesi kesi can talk to her =))

Back to today, all of them r sitting there... head count in total 11, to be frank this is the most suckiest kim gary meal I ever had... they (not served by those workers) mark their own order... then why are we paying the 10% service charges??? I bet kayu has better services then kim gary... went ther yesterday (June 13th) wif SOMEONE n HHK, one ane was assigned to serve us... standing behind us waiting for orders... that's why kayu is going Melbourne while kim gary is coming to Malaysia! That's the diff

So after we marked the orders, we passed to DEGIL to make the call... he raised his hand wif the orders, MISS-KIM saw and on the way to serve us... then suddenly this mofo, CANTO-MACHINEGUN came n took the orders from his hand !@#$%^&*()_+ wtf???? and blah blah blah wif his cantonese so fast that TURTLE is too slow to catch him. I guess this is where I stop talking bout kim gary...

MISS-KIM... so near yet so far...

pooling for an hour (chap zhi kor an hour wei... siao siao) then go waxing...

But I do enjoy elisha n paris :)

Hapi beginning for season 2 :D


  1. Stevieee ooo stevie .. when would i be able to upgrade myself into the cast area instead of the upcoming cast ... ??

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    ah, GOOD to see the mofo writing this mofo blog dee.. =) but for HEAVEN SAKE CHANGE THE COLOUR SETTING!! =| like 12 year old blog ni.. ape la.. n.. hur?? o_0?? er.. "PeHmAtEz" said "paris is so hot, lets burn wax~!" er.. i dun get this part.. either it was suppose to be a funny joke? or were they are juz in another planet wif a different channel wif u guyz?? -_-" n who is this MISS-KIM?? =P~ u all need to show me one day siape this gal, let me see how DEGIL's taste.. ^^, hehehe..


  3. pehmatez prefered to watch house of wax instead of interpreter le... u belanja me kim gary then i show u the girl keke

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Anonymous11:44 AM

    joke yang sangat sangat lame la.. paris hot, burn wax?? -_-" ape la.. but ven, kim gary also not dat nice wor the food.. see first la wen u free, den we go kap kap lui.. =P



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