Friday, July 01, 2005

205 Guess Who's Attached?

Date: June 30th, 2005 (Stupid Thursday)
clowns in my blog: MEDAL-OF-HONOR = yus
guest star: ASS-LIKE-THAT

one hour early morning class then one hour late evening class... how stupid could our timetable be???

dinner time, when we were in the lift... it stopped at seventh floor, guess what ASS-LIKE-THAT came in. THE-PUSSY-SLUT was definitely checking her out and singing "the way u move it... the way u shake it... i never see an..." then he stopped, and DEGIL is daring him to say the last sentence. hey PUSS, if u dare to say the last sentence loud and clear behind ASS-LIKE-THAT... ass like that

oil price is rising tomorrow, so all of us brought our cars to petronas for a drink. on the way to pay for the drink, guess who i saw... MEDAL-OF-HONOR having a drink with her kenari!!! i was like "PUSS, check this out!". when PUSS saw her, he was like "TURTLE, check this out!" and we were wondering whos that nigel sitting in her car X-(

after the drink, JYHI wanted to go to ss2 murni. so we get organized and there we go. the alpha group 1 and 2 reunion (huplim, alan, kimtatt, waikit & his gf, zong, sheryee, jyhyian and me). SHERIE called FUZZY to come, he said okok... 30 minutes later he called and told her that he is SK and wheres murni. oh am gee... i pity that fella wei... murni is in ss2 not SK brotha

what we did there? makan makan, cakap cakap and watched titanic =)) not to mention that JYHI threw cum on PUSSY's shirt

btw today is still one of the days in toh sui week

if u are a noob to SS2 Murni, please check out the

Ven's Murni Guide for Noobs

oh ya, u guyz might be wondering who's attached
guess what, ven's ipod is attached to samantha (sounds like samara in ring 2)
dont worry NOVEMBER, ven's ipod do take mistresses, keke

Ven's ipod


both of them hook up one night in zouk and now...

tada tada... tada tada... tada tada... da da da

SHERIE announced both of u husband and wife (its a forced marriage actually :(( )

we hope that both of them will mass produced miniz so that we can be rich :D
and hopefully there wont be a purple bollywood ugly mini =))

i know,

for more mini fantasies, please check it here

Date: July 1st, 2005 (Friday)
clowns in my blog: CAKE = kekyang, MELGIBSON = melvin

hohoho the best morning ever, bcoz of murni everyone (except PUSS n me) skipped PEM class including the two four point ohz, haha.

my first CCNA1 lab, making network

this is our lab instructor

Designation: highway crossing super frog
kinda nice guy, can jackass him sommore =)

how a network cable suppose to be (straight or cross over, choose either one)

the COLOR-CODE STANDARDS for network cables

since a normal 100Mbps cable uses 4 wires and each cable has 8 wires, so i had this idea of using all 8 wires to make 2 cables in one. PUSS dared me...

so this is what i did
1 to 1
2 to 2
3 to 3
6 to 6
for the straight cable (as usual)

and something extra... i installed a second head on the same cable with this combination (cross over cable)
4 to 7
5 to 8
7 to 4
8 to 5

two connectors in one cable :P

and i showed the lab instructor this

the Ven's Straight/Cross Hidra Cable (license free patent :D)

FROGGER: what are u doing???
he had the shock of his life, LOL

FROGGER: u buat network troubleshooting ke???

what we can do is rofl =))
jackass of the day

after that, FOUREYE and all asked stupid questions to distract FROGGER and MILO go pao~ed quarter box of cable heads and few rounds of network cables!!!

yea rite, u guyz are having fun pao~ing stuff, now i have more rubbish in my house X-(

CCNA1 lab verdict: DEM CUN !

after the lab, went ss15 with DEGIL and DONKEY to dota. reached there at 12am, thats bad, real bad since its still toh sui week... all cafes are fully booked :(( spent an hour walking from one cafe to the other and ended up in skynet, some suck ass cafe which the optical mouse is worse than a ball mouse. we left that suck ass place and went to warnet x.

warnet x is like a dota factory , althou they have cun racing chairs,

this cafe smells like a factory... and cant believe that we can owned MELGIBSON and konco-konco kaw kaw in our second round even thou we have crappers like CAKE... first and third round, dont ask :P

ven congrats ven's ipod and samantha, may both of u live hapilly ever after :)


  1. hahaha congratulations, stevie.. hopefully we can earn money from our future grand-mini-ipods!

  2. btw, who's ass like that?

  3. ASS-LIKE-THAT is some chic staying in 7th floor, shes guest star because we dunno her ;)


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