Sunday, August 07, 2005

212 Midterm Break without ROCKLEE

July 31st, 2005 (Sunday) - Back to Penang
8am reached penang :) parents came to pick me up, sis no doggie no come :( first thing to do in penang is to taste my family's favourite charkoayteow near bj roundabout petronas... hehe cun!!!

reached home, bro showed his cacat arm
bro's cacat arm
hoho, i remembered when my bro broke his arm in judo, the first thing my dad did is to called me and asked me not to laugh at him =))

cut my hair, by my private hairstylist with a double e diploma :P

shop shop shop in gurney...

Image hosted by
my shoe 'open mouth' d... need to buy new shoe
gurney's sports shop dem suck ass, limited shoes model, shopping 101: never shop in penang!!!

lunch, the famous chicken rice at julia street, cun cun!!!

had dinner at 1stop's zhonghua with grandparents, famous for the pork ribs and peking duck... yum yum

jln jln cari kasut
bought some china shoe
Image hosted by
saw that, china shoes even got a manual... IMBA~

bought the dr cardin for 60 bucks and it lasted 6 months
expectation for this 100 bucks china shoe is 10 months

hopefully it last :)

August 1st, 2005 (Monday) - Penang Routine
woke up at noon, lunch in grandma's place
fetch bro back from school
nap nap...
night, yumcha wif buddies in khaleel outside usm. lots of usm ppl there, all with thick thick glasses, tucked in, socks kaw high type of ppl :P

August 2nd, 2005 (Tuesday) - The REAL!!! Goodboy Story
afternoon, went to try the TURTLE highly acclaimed 'apong malek' outside union primary school. remember, NOT the first stall!!! whoa... 30 cents for this thin piece of crap... yum yum :P then bought 'tao sar pia' and 'hior pia' from famous him heang, opposite the apong malek :D

tea break in dome gurney wif mummy :) ordered our favorite carrot cake and choc cake. PEH, this la two thumbs up!!! reminds me bout last time the choc cake came not hot, so we asked the waitress to heat it for the second time. and it melt and sank like titanic LOL

night, watched movie with parents, 7 seconds by wesley snipe
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like other wesley snipe movies... sleep with girl in the morning, betrayed by the girl then kill the girl in 7 seconds

August 3rd, 2005 (Wednesday) - Ipoh Trip without ROCKLEE Day 1
Guest star: Kam-san

woke up freaking early, went breakfast with daddy beside the asshole petrol station opposite of lamwahee, the place i saw the white light :D met Kam-san there, my golf coach, still that uncle gaya :P

reached there like what NOVEMBER said 830am worrr... whole station no people at all then she reached bit later then showed me the ticket which stated 845am!!! the bus will start at 9 kononnyala :| went down and saw 3 bus in the lane, 2 nice bus and 1 suck ass one... wild guess, we kena the suck ass wan :(

then we saw this middleeastian ff walking like a crab, wearing capalang pasar malam clothes and move like an sh... what i can do is LOL. PUSS, wish u are here too =)) then when he comfirmed his bus, suddenly he brought all his imba expensive bag plus a metal case, looks more like a low profile arm dealer sial... up to the suck ass bus then here we go... road trip to ipoh :)

reached ipoh, DECEMBER came to fetch us to FEBRUARY's house
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me, DECEMBER, FEBRUARY and NOVEMBER in FEB's house, on her dad's DIY piece of wood wor :P

lunch, ate in 'tai shu har' (below big tree), yong tao hu meal without ROCKLEE!!!

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the three green gays: THE-BAD-ROOMIE, BUAYA and me in 'tai shu har'

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FEBRUARY, DECEMBER and tauke soh :P in 'tai shu har'

ipoh parade jalan-jalan without ROCKLEE again!!!

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BUAYA, me, DECEMBER, FEBRUARY, DUDE and tauke soh in ipoh parade food court

then we went nam heong white coffee without ROCKLEE again and again

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king's road in ipoh

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the famous 'lou wong nga choi kai' (must go!!!) without ROCKLEE again and again and again

Image hosted by
DECEMBER's bro & mum, DECEMBER, me, DUDE, BUAYA, THE-BAD-ROOMIE & NOVEMBER in 'nga choi kai'

Image hosted by
abc fridays lim teh without ROCKLEE again X4

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August 4th, 2005 (Thursday) - Ipoh Trip Day 2

fushan without ROCKLEE again X5
say wanna wake up at 6 kononnya, left for dim sum at 10am

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
someone said never see me pour tea before worrr...

Image hosted by
THE-BAD-ROOMIE, DUDE, me & BUAYA still in fushan

Image hosted by
nice box, tapao the leftovers for FEBRUARY

ling xin tong without ROCKLEE X6

Image hosted by
gandalf found his white horse, shadowfags <- =))

Image hosted by
DUDE helping 'that auntie' to take photo of the cun chic and the ang mor, oh ya wheres 'that auntie'???

Image hosted by
never ask an ang mor to take photo
DECEMBER, DUDE, BUAYA, me, THE-BAD-ROOMIE & NOVEMBER with the headless guanyin :(

after that we walked to the cave where theres a pond full of turtles, then we are approached by this guy selling vege for 2 bucks, DUDE bought... after a few steps, we are approached by this guy's wife selling vege for 1 buck... mh, this looks more like hatyai than ipoh

Image hosted by
me, DECEMBER, DUDE, BUAYA & THE-BAD-ROOMIE with the naked boy in front of turtle pond

Image hosted by
i thought i had enought lecture in cyberjaya... this lecturer or so called 'that auntie' is far more worst :(( talk non stop... asked why from penang and dowanna study is usm, can save money blah blah blah... then say how hard her grandchildren study study... then the matchmaking rubbish... oh am gee... cant she stop talking???

Image hosted by
phewww... shes leaving d... then the ang mor came and told us "hey u guys better leave fast... before she starts talking again"... thats so true... we learnt our lesson d, a 3 credit hour wan sommore :( and the best part is all for free!!!

lunch, ate some soup thingy. then went clearwater without ROCKLEE again X7, nice place... even nicer for golfers. went back to DECEMBER's house to play uno then we went back kuala lumpur :)

August 5th, 2005 (Friday) - Sleeping...
slept whole day

August 6th, 2005 (Saturday) - PC Fair without ROCKEE
went lunch with DUDE in bus station, DUDE drove us to serdang ktm to kl sentral then kl sentral change to putra lrt. pcfair dem crowded, got wat we wan then ciao... went klcc, so freaking lot of people can hardly find a place to sit and yumcha. then went san francisco, the brownie SUCK kaw kaw, chillis RoXx!!! after isetan~ing we went back for dinner in 'chi pao kai' (paper wrap chicken) in serdang then balik rumah tido

August 7th, 2005 (Sunday) - End of Break
FEBRUARY tapao-ed 'min fun kou' plus worms for me!!! ya the dengkil wan la... the place where u guys go there for 'min fun kou' wan... then they return d, the boss scolded them somemore... momofofo officially award dengkil's 'min fun kou' ignore list award X-( ended up me and DONKEY went hassan's ass to eat nasi kandar... missed the sucky nasi kandar :P

Midterm Break ends here... :((

August 8th, 2005 (Monday)
stuntman: MISS-HONDA

morning 9am, a walm welcome back to mmu... we saw MISS-HONDA crashed her honda civic over the curb... half hanging... whoa, and shes trying to reverse the car, LOL how could u reverse your car if the tires are floating =))

momofofo awards MISS-HONDA the medal of 'HONOR'

and btw

hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 APRIL, hapi bd 2 u :)

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  1. Anonymous3:04 PM

    OMG!! how many times u wanna say din go wif rocklee?!? LOL~!! =)) lawak la u.. but den =( so much activity during ur midterm hols.. kesian me rot becoming vegetable only at home.. -.-" sedih betul~


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