Friday, August 12, 2005

213 Behind These Hazey Eyes

having 4 exams next week... this gonna be a quick one on cyberjaya turns winter :(

Date: August 10th, 2005 (Wednesday)
like what u read in the newspaper and watched in tv

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on the way to putrajaya with PEHBOY, BUAYA and PUSSY, hazey hazey hazey...

saw that!!! putrajaya is 354!!!

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thats the government office...

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road... blurry eventhou light are on

not too long ago, our mmu idol prof gao post this interesting bulletin

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too small??? u dont need to read that... in short, we dunnit to go to skool for 2 days, hurray!!!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: CYBERJAYA ONLY (this is to lansi the malacca students :P)

and this is the free gift we get in bulletin

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u might NOT be wondering why we go to putrajaya, we went there for mcd... to supersize ourselves~!!!

Whats other cyberjayers doing?


heard bout the penang bombing? a feigned report was made to police that there's bomb was placed in KOMTAR...

whoa police car to the so-called crime scene... since when we have bombings in malaysia? one word for u: sh

the haze are the first move for the martians to blur our visions... so that they can land their ufoz to do this

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to brainwash all of us LOL

ROCKLEE will always walk alone

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ummm... i didnt say anything bout u are gay :P anyway thx for being the greatest fan ever, cya around :)

Here SHERIE Goes Again

wah its 1.38am liao i stil havent study... fast fast finish hers then can study liao

thx SHERIE for the cyberjaya snapshot... hazey

whoaa... take note this is the palm oil estate of cyberjaya not nz cow land :(


  1. johnyee's photos.. using his new hp cam.. hahahaha credit to him la =) these photos can show our cucu cicit liao!

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  3. sohai dangelo56lidia... put ad in my blog... one word for u... GFY

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    chill la ven.. LOL~!!! =))


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