Monday, November 14, 2005

301 The New Sem

the Saturday night, went to erl to pick up BREEZE and DIZZY... when i reached i came out of the car to open the boots for them to put their bags. the place was dark, poor lighting and BREEZE was showing a big grin :D i was like wtf??? why is this chaboh showing her teeth to me??? then only i remembered she told me she made braces 2 weeks ago during the break... hmmm... i thought your teeth are fine?

so we entered the car then DIZZY show her hair to me, asking me is her hair nice or not? its so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

after dropping them, i came back and i told my housemate that DIZZY straigthen her hair... then my housemate asked isn't that DIZZY's hair is straight?

this sem, i'd promised myself that i will study in library til 6pm after class.

and since
ppl who has fine teeth go make braces
ppl who has straight hair go straighten her hair

why not
ppl who dont study... DONT STUDY

so after my class, I DIDNT GO STUDY
and instead i went bowling with my housemates and NOVEMBER :P
and i got OwNeD kaw kaw coz i didnt keep my promise :(

the new sem, DARLIE is still darlie... always late for classes, but he photocopy notes for us :)

balacandran and waikit have the same haircut, so we called them balakit and waikitcandran

and we have new lecs like wong siew kin and dr chuah teong kee (lets assume, he = chuah kt + peh teong kee , in short hes godlike la) for etm

so in the beginning of the class, DARLIE showed us the online attendance... some new 'SYSTEM' which mmu implement this sem to make sure THEY CAN BAR US.

The 'new' and 'improved' Student Information Center
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which DARLIE has no idea how to use it :P

mmu's killer app to counter student skipping class = the online attendance system

Image hosted by

still beginning of the sem, full attendance :D

after showing us the 'new' and 'improve' online system, DARLIE continue his lesson...

after his lesson, DARLIE start taking attendance and fill it into the website... after filling, he clicked submit

and the


poped out :P

and poor DARLIE had to login againnn and take attendance againnn...

since taking 2 subject is relative free, so DEGIL, BUAYA and me decided to take co like any other students... so we took spanish, hoho

we missed the first class on tuesday coz the annoucement was late, so we went the 2nd class...

the class is in DR2003 in fcm and theres NO DR2003 in fcm!!! theres ONLY AR2003

we went in, theres like few students there, mostly ninjas and friends... hmmm... okay... then later on theres this bunch of chix came in... class just gets more interesting :P after awhile a spanish chic, u know those like the one u watch in tv, curly hair, pretty face with their spanish ascent, hohoho

she was like speaking spanish and writing some worm letters with a NO INK marker pen which we have no idea what shes writing and then...

that bunch of chix left the class, hohoho

i wanted too, just that... we must give her face ma!!!

so we stayed...

and by the way, its a 3 hours class... u could imagine the bullet time in her class

and we are learning how to write about-my-family short paragraphs like
mi hermano novid es una biatch

which i have no idea whats that

so in the end of the suffering day, this is the first thing i do once i reached home...

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home sweet home~

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