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303 the dancers came in when my wife and mistress left me

Xmas Eve - December 24th, 2005 (Saturday)

2 days ago...

woke up like every morning, first thing is to check forwarded ym rubbish i had over the night... but this time i on my monitor... and its still remain off :-?

oh maybe my com off jor, so i press the power on button... i can see the fan moved 1mm and its still off, crap... wife died-ed jorrr :(

so i buka the case tried to push all components and on it back, my fan moved 1mm and nothing happened

my extension cord is faulty all the while, its ON all the time... even when i off the switch, its stil ON. so i plugged my power supply cord into the 'stil ON' extension cord then i heard a BURST sound... my tv became off and fans off... i died-ed my extension cord too :(

no com to use :( not to mention the next day need to handup etm assignment from dr sim and dr hafizal which need to do 'research' sommore wan... doctors are dem mafan wan, do assignment ma do lo... why need to research wor... too free meh? no wonder they are doctors

so today i went to lowyat to buy a new power supply an acbel powersupply $140, czone say good worrr unless wanna buy some 400 bucks enermax la... lanla, too much money meh?

after that, i went to the IT hypermart to get a new extention cord, coz czone n sricom sells cheaplak cords. guess what, i saw my burnt cord that, which looks convincing and almost killed me 2 days before :P i ended up buying a belkin extension cord which cost a freaking 89 bucks, the lifetime warranty for surge protection looks convincing... and they will pay u 5000 bucks if the cord cant protect your equipments, i think thats why i pay freaking 89 bucks for that dem thing :P

so i took the cord to pay and they gave me a bottle of water, got good services... pay abit more also nevermind la, not like that czone or sricom... sell so expensive and give no shit... and sommore IT hypermart got lucky draw, got some IDD call card worth 20 bucks... gave it to DONKEY in the end of the day :)

had tomyam steamboat dinner with PEHBOY, DECEMBER and PINEAPPLE in timesquare

Image hosted by

yum yum... not bad lerrr but they kinda kiamsiap for their vege :P

Image hosted by

PEHBOY 2.0 's red hair looks like the orc shaman :P

Image hosted by

and not to forget the lengluis :)

after that we jln jln then yumcha in dome

Image hosted by

yay... finally we are dining in dome :D

Image hosted by

we had the yummie iced choc while waiting for peh's exhousemate

Image hosted by

drink finish lo... peh's exhousemate, WATERCHESTNUT came with his buddy ASHRAY and not to mention our returning guest stuntgal, MISS HONDA~!!! they were non stop complaining bout how cunnn the 'journey to the east' movie is :P

so we walked to bkt bintang, trying to avoid every single person from kena sprayed, haha

and ended up we met some mmu~ians... TORTOISE and POSION IVY and friends... they ended my cleanliness streak :P

later on, theres kaw lot of police came to 'tame' the crowd, coz we are having too much fun d

Image hosted by

and even 5 police trucks to bring the animals home

Image hosted by

so all of us guai guai sit at starbucks lo :)

after the police left, we went to jalan alor for supper. the place is so hot, and i started complaining the place dem hot... then i realise PEHBOY is actually wearing 3 layers of clothing, omg... dem hot X3 !!!

Image hosted by

layer 1: orange long sleeve
layer 2: purple polo tee
layer 3: green polo tee
frankly, this guy has lot of time to wash clothes

after that we followed PEHBOY to starhill to take his car and met EGGTART and friends at the lobby :) after the 'u no call me' & 'i no call u' crap... we went for a visit in the starhill's toilet which ppl say dem cun de

Image hosted by

hmmm... need to pull that heavy thing to wash my hand...

Image hosted by

or rotate that heavy wheel ( in girls toilet, but dont worry, this pic not i take wan :P )

ummm... quite cun oso gua... just need alot of energy to wash hand lo

after admiring the cunn toilet, we balik lo

oh ya btw, i heard no countdown or MERRY XMAS from anyone that day

New Year's Eve - December 31st, 2005 (Saturday)

a new year eve morning, woke up bit 'early' (which is 11am) so that can 'skip' the jam (which didnt) :( and i brought C3PO, BAD ROOMIE and NOVEMBER along :)

PUCAT didnt know the way to 1 utama, so i had to lead the way :)

before we leave da inteligen citi, the first thing we do is...

Checklist before leaving Cyberjaya
1. take money
2. pump petrol
3. make sure u took enough money

so we went to take money then to petronas to fill petrol. after feeding our cars, she drove her car to pump tyres. and the funny part is, what 5 of them did is surrounding the machine, figuring out how to use it =)) so i went down to take a look, ohhh... the machine is down. so we went to the next machine to pump. and PUCAT was telling me her brokedown story that she was driving in the rain and she saw the raindrops vaporized... and the car overheated :))

we reached 1u around 2pm, we went to subway for lunch :)

Image hosted by

subway RoXxX~!!!

Image hosted by

not to forget subway's yummy chocchip cookies, two thumbs up~!!!

Image hosted by

but then the pehmates dowan join us coz they dont eat bread de... so they went chillis WITHOUT US~!!!

few days before, TURTLE, DONKEY, NOVEMBER and I were playing monopoly with some cheating rules like bribing cops, travel around the stations with 50 bucks, ppl who stop in the free parking collect all the taxes and blah blah blah... DONKEY and I were busy watching jiang hu while playing, we are not paying attention in the game... so TURTLE scolded DONKEY and off the tv :( in the end of the day DONKEY tapao-ed all of us :)) and NOVEMBER had a nightmare out of monopoly, i guess shes kinda high playing the game.

today, 1u is having a life size monopoly in the new wing

Image hosted by

they even build a jail for the ppl who 'go to jail' and they are forced to wear the black and white stripe shirt dem pity sial :)) kenot bribe cops wan rrr? pityyy

Image hosted by

and not to forget the audi tt at the free parking, we wonder whether the person who stopped here will get the car :P

Image hosted by

after window shopping in 1u, we decided to go to the curve for dinner and countdown coz 'someone' said there more cun wor got those imba singers, dj and the largest fireworks.

so we went drove out of the outdoor carpark and turn right (PUCAT is following from behind), coz we can see the curve at the right. thinking it as a shortcut, we saw a car with a dented bumper came in the opposing direction. we reached there and saw lots of car making u turn, kononnya no shortcut la... so C3PO went down to take a look whether the small road is 'passable' by my car, then theres this guard standing there said not possible and told us bout the car with the dented bumper... OIC LOL

so we made a u-turn back to 1u with all of the jam, it was raining... and its a hectic jam, everyone is going to the curve. then i notice the raindrop which drops at my car bonet vaporized, that sounded familiar... so i look at my car temp... its at the red level d~!!!

Image hosted by

so i pulled over, my 'mistress' died-ed jorrr

Image hosted by

i taught PUCAT the way to the curve so they left. later on PEHBOY came to take a look, helped me push the car to the side :) then we went to enos to ask for mechanic, they dont have tow cars to tow the car so they dowanna do :(

so i tried to call aam's hotline 1-800-88-0808 , lines are always busy and play news for me to listen. so i decided to call the other number 03-21610808 then an angel answered my call and help is on the way :)

so we went to burger king for a quick dinner with an eMo look

Image hosted by

in burger king, if u ordered a large meal has this lucky draw that u MIGHT win a fiat. so i try my luck, maybe a new car this year

and this is what i got...

Image hosted by


my reaction was ...

i got a nice coke glass the last time, now i got stars potatoes??? :((

after i had my first bite on the whooper, the aam fella called. hes here d, so fast... i still havent eat ler and i havent touched the potatoes starz at all ler.

so i rush to my car and he 'bodychecked' my 'mistress'. the wiring for my fan is faulty d, so he cut some small wires to connect it directly to the power source.

after reviving my 'mistess', he came out with this lame excuse "aam no pay me for wire, wire i buy myself wan", kononnya mau kopi duit la. so i 'kopi'-ed him then went back to 1u to meet the rest :) everyone is there, MISS HONDA too lol

Image hosted by

after the countdown, fireworks like usual...

yaya, same thing u guyz had in the curve... largest sommore rite?

but theres something the curve dont have worrr...

the dancers, ngek ngek ngek

welcome to the darkside of 1u, luckily didnt go to the curve kekeke

new year resolutions:

number 1:

Image hosted by

get a girl, LOL :P

number 2:

Image hosted by

more shoppings... jackass shoppers

number 3:

Image hosted by

enjoy life :)
errr BUAYA, it suppose to be 06 not 60... wrong direction ler :))

before we left...

Image hosted by

we left some new year 'loving' memories in 1u :P

after that, i dropped my car in aunt's place then went kayu with VANILA, BLOSSOM, C3PO, BAD ROOMIE and NOVEMBER for our first meal in 2006 :)

look at the roti tissue...

Image hosted by

so longgggggggggggg and

Image hosted by

so BIG :P

after the meal, we went back to our 'happening' inteligen citi

thanks to VANILA and PEHBOY :)

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  1. Hahahahahahhahahaahahahaha!!!
    but can ask peh to wear less? It's actually the same wth 2 or 3 layers... it looks the same ... no difference... and I can feel the heat by looking at the picture also ...


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