Saturday, January 21, 2006

305 noob and the noobED in pearl of orient

noob hunting Day 1 - January 18th, 2005 (Wednesday)

ADRIANO came to penang today, the first thing I MISS KUNGFU did is sms me to ask for dota for the night. so we (LITTLE TIGER, PLAYBOY, I MISS KUNGFU, ADRIANO and me) went to our usual spot, netcity... cc in penang is dem cheap, 1 buck per hour in netcity only~!!! if DEGIL is here, i think he will stay here forever~!!! if u do the math, one day = 24 hours = RM24 a day which is cheaper than staying in a hotel ler

but those SpArNaRs too much money they wana go infinity to dota, dem smart... there $1.80 per hour but the coms are new... can quake 4 while dotaing, lol

penangites dont 627b, they 584c... ZzZz...

we created a v6 map, and some ppl joined us to play... we pawned them like a noob :))

after the game we remaked, those ppl joined and they left... so we terpaksa change our nick then they joined back thinking its not us and we pawned them again, LOL

after the pawning streak we went to pelita to eat tasteless cheese naan and boast how noob they are

noob hunting Day 2 - January 19th, 2005 (Thursday)
went there again and created a v6 map, no one bother to join except for this nismo fella. the others are playing halflife, so I MISS KUNGFU and i waited in the game channel so we started to chat with that nismo fella... he claims that his dad owns a restaurant in precint 16 (got precint 16 wan r?). if u dunno wheres precint 16, it takes a penangite to tell u its beside the deputy prime minister's house (true ker?) and he rather stay in penang with the grandparents than staying in putrajaya, he said dem boring wor (this is true :P )

so some ayam and kambing joined the game and we played, just like yesterday... its like a noob pawning session. oh ya, nismo is a feeder. then suddenly one of the teammate pm to [ALL] nismo is dem noob. then all left the game, lol.

then ADRIANO asked those oh my god clan sitting opposite us for a game. so we played 584c for the first time, and we kena trashed like shit for the first time.

after the game, we went to pelita again with a moment of silence... noobED

lesson number 1 for dota: DONT PLAY 584c if u dont play v5 anymore, just stick to 627b!!!

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