Wednesday, February 08, 2006

402 PUCAT and LION Birthday Special

February 7th, 2006

hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 PUCAT, hapi bd 2 u :)

we had bbq below block b, her 'ownmade' fried bihun :P , french fries, water melon, sausages, fish balls and yummy 'siu kai yeik' :D after the wonderful meal, we sang bd song for her

watch it in

after the birthday song, time for us to have some fun, the candle taking tradition :D

watch it in

yummy ice cream cake ruined by 'someone' :P nice shot kakaka

after that, we went to her place for another round of party organized by her housemates aka the PeHmAtEs

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yummy choc cake which tasted like coffee

then here goes the present opening ceremony

Part 1

watch it in

first present from steven and friends and the second present, a dinosaur soft toy from steven also and friends :D

Part 2

watch it in

then she showed us her other presents :)

after that, i went to cyberia mamak to meet the SpAnArS to celeb LION's birthday :)

and ADRIANO showed me their 'weopons' of mass destruction hiding behind the rubbish bin
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the white plastic bag contains of oh meh gar tree eggs~!!!

thx LION's cousin for the drink, then we decided to 'walk' LION back to hostel since is his birthday. and we stopped infront of the busstop to take a picture

watch it in

and it gets dirty, LOL

hapi bd LION

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