Thursday, February 16, 2006

405 Monopoly and Beer

Boring Day Gets Wasted - February 9th, 2005 (Thursday)

it was a boring night, everyone is having fun except mofos like us sitting at home waiting for ppl to ajak us to dota. then TURTLE said "lets get some booze", so here comes the mcd - 7evelen trip to 'get some booze' :D

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after a drink in mcd, we went to the 7 eleven behind to 'get some booze'

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4 heineken + 3 carlsberg = 7 happy ppl :P

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the bottle opener, BUAYA and i tipu-ed last year :P

we went to alamanda to get a bottle of wine, then after that we asked the cashier lady that where can we get a bottle opener. and apparently that this cashier is a newbie :P so she said she dont know.

then kuang and i were like "aiya no bottle opener then how arrr???" showing our innocent noobie face :P

then she said "tak apa la"
and walked to the shelf and cut out one of the 'free gift' bottle opener from other more expensive wine and gave it to us :)

and she said "u jangan bagi tau orang ya" LOL

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so we started our monopoly game and start to get 'wasted', LOL

after awhile, NOVEMBER kena owned by PUSSY SLUT, then she beh shiok and siak seng teh drop the bottle of wine on the board

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dirty the board ma clean the board loo

in the end of the game, we got owned by PUSSY SLUT :(

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