Sunday, February 19, 2006

407 Monopoly and Beer 2

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February 16th, 2005 (Thursday)

since today i wanted to stock milk, so we went to alamanda to have mcd :)

when we reached mcd, the BAD ROOMIE and NOVEMBER were standing outside of mcd gazing the little 'hard' toy by mcd (since its not soft). and they were complaining why giraf has stripe and zebra has patches instead, feel the gay-ness

after that, we went in the order our food... so i sat in our favourite spot. since we go in 2 cars we had to split into 2 tables, THE BAD ROOMIE and NOVEMBER sat at the 2nd table with their happieee meal, lol... i was laughing all the way :P

few minutes later, NOVEMBER hopped all the way to our table just to tell us that an older guy at the table infront of us then we told her that he sure buy for little daughter wan. not too long after that, the daughter and wife turned up, LOL

her giraf 'having fun' with my duckling :(

after that, i went to carrefour to stock milk and those fellaz went to stock booze :| and here comes the 2nd monopoly and beer post :)

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the beers are theirs, the vsoy is DONKEY's and the goodday milk is mine :P

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