Thursday, February 23, 2006

410 The MMU Cyber Medical Centre Visit

was sick these few days so i went to the mmu clinic,

guess what...

its the all new MMU CYBER MEDICAL CENTRE, seems like quite sometime im not sick d :P

and the best part of the story is

they dont phucking accept the hla card~!!! wtf???

ask me to phucking renew and now they dont phucking accept anymore???

hmmm... i paid RM223 to see doctor once... dem phucking worthy

what to do, sick ma... still need to see doctor ma go register and pay my own medical bills lo :( so while waiting to be called, me and my housemates check out the place... nice wallpaper, nice parquet, blah blah blah... looks more like a 'medical centre' already

then we notice this banner thingy

according to the banner... the whole admin building is the 'medical centre'~!!! kaw 'BiG' sial~

and the services provided are blah blah blah...

and they even have pap smear tests for PUSSY SLUT

few minutes later, ive been called into the 'consultation room' to be 'consult'ed. i came out 5 minutes later, and my housemates were like 'thats fast', of coz la flu nia ma not pap smear also.

then i came back home with my RM28 medicines...

my flu pills, twice a day and they give me phucking FIVE ONLY~!!!

so i will be eating it
5/2 = 2.5 days ONLYYY~!!! my flu pills, my miracle pills :(

and the best part is still

the phucking RICOLAs they gave me for my sorethroat

lesson of the day... i phucking paid RM28 for phucking 8 bjis of ricolaz :((


  1. Anonymous1:50 AM

    lol... simply zha me with pap smear test.. lol.. ur d 1 who went,'huh, wat's pap smear test??'... lmao, steven from good boy become corrupted by lanjiao housemates

  2. haha... they gave me recola too..but the medicine given is useless..end up i hv too see doc for another time in dengkil


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