Saturday, February 25, 2006

412 Terminal 2 sa (Hartamas Prequel)

February 24th, 2006

just came back from class then PUSSY SLUT came to me and say we are going for dinner in puchong, puchong sounds nice... til i know its peh's idea, terminal 2 which he read from some blog... dem 'cun' wor according to him, hong kong kim gary's food which is 'cheaper'

terminal 2 is situated in puchong perdana, which we passed this

penguin tuition centre somewhere in antartica

this is terminal 2, corner shop in somewhere near nowhere

so we sat down, served by the no manners waitress as pictured shown...
those 2 in covered their face, obviously dont want to be associated with this sa terminal

the environment...

all tried to get out of the picture so that no one knows they came this place before

nice bar they have

so we look thru the menu which peh 'claims' that the price is cheaper than kim gary... but to DONKEY's analysis, its even more phucking expensive than that kim gary

then PINEAPPLE started ask peh: "isnt that the blog said that this place sa?


so i ordered pork chop with baked beans

phucking pork chop smaller than 2 inch cost me phucking 12 bucks

do u know why peh likes to come these places?

because they have chap zheng drinks which mix shit with even more shits

this is the only food looks convincing in our table, NOVEMBER's spare ribs (not original but spare)

and for those who ordered set

i phucking pity them if they call that a main course

then BUAYA ordered some weird noodles

which looks like a phucking cendol + soup to me

since the food is not filling for me, so me and peh shared a luncheon meat + cheese toast, which sounds pretty convincing

til its the best con ever in this shop... a RM4.20 2 piece of bread from a 45 buck toaster

Food : * (the higher the better)
Service : -***** (notice the negative)
Price : **** (doesnt fulfill my pangi goat tuate criteria)
Conclusion: sa

after this 'filling' dinner, we went ss2...


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  1. Anonymous1:56 AM

    blog i think is the OTHER kenny's bloG...the famous 1..hahaha...

    the restoran sott sott 1 la...make alan laugh whole night somemore


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