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DotA Jump Course for EXTREME Noobs

Update: February 10th, 2005. aka episode 403

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i was browsing in the net, and i tried searching for 'DotA'

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omfg, DotA is actually in the encyclopedia

WARNING: this is just a jump course, u will just get a brief idea wtf your bf is playing and those stupid DotA languages he used while chatting with his friends. to actually 'understand' DotA, u should actually play and feel it by yourself :P

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For the DotA map, two bases are set at opposite corners of the map. In each base is situated a central building known as the Ancient, from which the map derives its name. The goal of the game is to destroy the Ancient of the opposing team and to defend one's own ancient.

simple: top versus bottom

The teams consist of up to five humans, each controlling a single hero, and a computer which controls creeps.

1 team = 5 players, 2 teams = 10 players (normally known as 5 5) in a game or maybe less

Summary of Heroes

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the 'tankers', normally kena 'KS' de (dont worry if u dont understand, DotA language translater will be featured below)

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the 'KS'~ers

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and the smart heroes

The DoTa Language (VERY BERY IMPORTANT!!! girls must read also)

b - Short for "back", used to cue team members to retreat.

when your teammates says 'b' or when u see imbap3h 'b', just follow or u sure kena backstab d wan

rax - Used to signal team members to destroy their opponents' Barracks

BS - Short for backstab. An act of attacking a hero from behind.

farm - This refers to the strategy of exclusively killing creeps in order to purchase better weapons and gain experience faster. More specifically, in the absence of enemy heroes.

gangbang (gb) - the act of multiple heroes converging on one hero to kill that hero.

something like multiple guys raping one HOPELESS little girl

pawn/pwn/own - Generally means 'to kill an enemy hero.' Even more appropriate when the 'owned' hero/player is killed repetitively.

how to use: refer someone who is dominating, OWNAGE

push - Pushing is the main objective of DotA. It is accomplished by staying in a lane and advancing on enemy towers to destroy them.

RMK/RM - Short for remake. Suggests the host to remake the game and for the players to join.

when to use: used when theres leaver(s) in the game
how to use: phucking leavers!!! RMK !!!

ulti - Refers to signaling the usage of a hero's level 6 skill. Also known as ultimate.

pump/pool/stack/feed - the process of team members working together to give items or gold to a single player, especially expensive and powerful items for the purpose of strengthening a particular hero; sometimes seen as bad sportsmanship. In DotA, gold and items can both be given. In Allstars, the feature of giving gold has been disabled. However, you may still give items to your allies in Allstars.

how to use: pump me pump me :P

backdooring/skipping - tactic of going behind the current enemy line, with characters that have teleporting features, such as the Prophet (hero in AllStars), or skills that grant invisibility such as windwalk, and destroying enemy structures without killing creeps first. Clan TDA defines backdooring as initiating an attack on an enemy structure without the presence of supporting creeps, though it is specifically allowed by Clan TDA rules. Many players consider this underhanded to the point of cheating and it is hotly debated as to whether backdooring should be allowed in official games.

not allowed in fair/advantage game in bs3

bs3 - blue server version 3, the place where your bf go to get away from u :P

feeder - Refers to a player who is repeatedly killed by opposing heroes, thus "feeding" those opposing heroes extra experience/gold at a faster rate. Also commonly used to describe a person who commits suicide intentionally to aid the enemy team. A feeder is generally an annoyance or a burden to the team who may ultimately lead to the downfall of their teammates.

when to use: imbap3h dies alot of time to a particular hero (example only :P )
how to use: imbap3h is a feeder, stop feeding

leaver - A player who leaves a game intentionally. Commonly used as an insult to refer to a player who leaves because they dislike a game or its players or because they believe that they cannot win. Generally a leaving player makes it harder for his teammates to win and makes victory by the other team less satisfying. The leaver is the number one cause of ruined games. Common now are banlist programs, where one can gather leaver's names, to remember not to play with them again.

when to use: someone leaves the game intentionally
how to use: phucking leaver

puller/lagger/pull-plug/pp- A player who lags too much from the other players may be disconnected due to high lag times. Prior to disconnecting, the game is frozen and a countdown timer is shown. Some players deliberately pull their connections (i.e. physically pulling out the Ethernet cable, hence the name) to lag out. These pullers do this to avoid getting blacklisted for leaving.

when to use: playing a losing game and tenoq is lagging
how to use: tenoq is a pp-er

gg - Short for "good game." Literally, it is just an expression to show that the players appreciate the game. May also mean "a good match"; or said out of courtesy during the game's end. However, it is often used to signal the end of a game or a point where the game cannot be won by a team. Increasingly, it is used to mean "nice try" or "I got you" by a player who has killed another player and is generally meant to taunt. Saying 'gg' before the losing team is generally regarded as a breach of etiquette, and labels any players who use it as obnoxious and arrogant.

mh - Short for "maphack". This acronym is generally used to accuse a player(s) of having an unfair advantage through third-party programs that keep the entire map revealed for the accused player(s).

how to use: phucking maphackers!!!
sometimes mh also means mahai :P

stunners - heroes which possess the ability to stun other characters, such as Impale, Storm Bolt, Magic Missile and Burrowstrike.

when to use: sms your teammates
how to use: use stun heroes

imba - Imbalanced. Used to indicate a hero, item or team that is considered inherently to be too strong. You will hear this word a lot while playing DotA, as there are numerous imbalances and exploits yet to be fixed.

when to use: to bodek someone who is ownage
how to use: imbap3h is NOT imba

KS - Kill Steal. Used to indicate the action of a friendly hero coming and stealing their teamate's kill; for example a hero attacks an enemy until near death, and the hero who does a KS delivers the final attack to the enemy or using a skill to steal the kill, thereby getting a kill point and gold. May also be extended to tower kills. Usually this type of action is not encouraged.

when to use: when imbap3h last hit your victim and took your kill
how to use: imbap3h u phucking KS-er
what to reply when u are called a ks-er: thx

noob - (offensive) bad player, often thinks he plays good though he does not.

how to use: imbap3h is a noob

Roshan - The strongest neutral creep in the map, near the first tower on the Scourge side. All players of a team will receive +800 gold if the killing blow is made by a player on the team (Allstars).

when to use: when all rax of opposing team is down
how to use: rax

NOTICE: all contents are taken from Wikipedia. contents maybe not true and not not true

External Links official dota allstars website (an English forum with many Asian members)


  1. Oi, noob. I dun pp one lar XDDDD but true. imbap3h is not imba, LOL.

  2. imbap3h is not IMBA~! TRUE~! usually peh saks~!

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