Sunday, March 12, 2006

417 CCNA are for losers ONLY

last 2 sems, gamma 1st sem... i didnt join any society or events this academic year so i picked up a few stuffs to do... mmu fencing (which i died-ed last sem) and CCNA which PUSSY SLUT asked me to join him there. since i nothing to do for this academic year, why not join him and really do 'something' other than meeting my fellow friends in blue server.

extra info:
mmu is selected to be a Regional/Local Networking Academy by cisco to 'train' ppl. official CCNA site here.

in class, our lecturer, KKC said in class that CCNA is the key for job employment. he SAID horrr in FOE itself, graduating rate is more than 700 ppl a year and there are 14 tertiary in malaysia itself multiply with abc other uni in the whole world. there are like 700 X 14 X abc graduates in the whole world, how are you going to compete with them??? the answer is CCNA worrr...

now is 3rd sem of gamma, and im taking the 2nd part of CCNA. CCNA is splited into 4 parts, taken only on 4 long sems which total cost of RM2780 without cert exam fees. as for this sem, we are required to pay RM760 for our course fees.

after i paid it to this lansi clerk in mmu finance.

the lansi clerk's name

i sms-ed my mum telling her i took this extra 'course' and asked for a refund :P no worries, my mum did refund me.

so the story starts here, my dad came back from the states and my mum told him. so he called me up few days later, asked me what is this extra 'course' is all about and i told him its CCNA.

then he was like oooOOOooo, and he told me that...

PSDC conducts this extra 'course'

for free...

wtf im phucking paying $2780 for this ler

and its for local university graduates which cant find a job...

wtf, this is a course taken only by phucking local uni LOSERS and for phucking FREE and i actually paid RM2780 for it.

now i know how i will have a better employment rate, cause i paid to be a LOSER before... super swt-ness

lesson of the day
u know the feeling... the feeling of u thought u did the right thing but actually NOT

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