Tuesday, March 14, 2006

418 University Turns Into Megamall

The Past

in campus, normally the people who opens a booth in central plaza to sell stuffs are students. pity slaves from society, forced to sell not-sellable merchandise to raise fund for the society's dream which will never come true.

later on, the uni started to bring in mobile provider like celcom and digi to sell their starter packs in campus. they even put ads infront of lecture halls and the library to promote their services.

after that, societies started to follow the admin's footsteps and bring in computer stalls from out of nowhere to sell components in central plaza. first of all, u dunnit a capital to raise money. second, u dunnit to beg people to entertain or buy your merchandise. u earn free money just by doing nothing, easy money.

the mini 'lowyat' wannabe in campus

since bringing in stalls is the easiest way to raise funds, societies bring it to the next level. they bring in concept stores to sell clothes in central plaza

the so-called pasar pagi in campus

the recent entry which came in is optical shop, selling cheap contact lenses (trial pack which is suppose to be free) and selling solution separately. putting cheap kai sunglasses on rayban racks, blah blah blah

the 'focusi pointi' in campus

The Present

omfg, they bring in proton cars to sell in campus~!!! Last 2 years, items sold in central plaza is at most 20 bucks... last year, they raise the bar to $200... today, $120k ~!!! imagine how much buying power the students have these days.

u guys might be wondering, when will mcd come to mmu. the story is they did. according to rumors, in the end of the day, the mcd worker disposed the cooking oil on a tree which is suppose to be the tree planted by our beloved chancellor Tun Siti Hasmah. and the tree died-ed. since then mcd is BANNED from entering our campus because of their 'wise' act

story above is based on rumors, im not too sure myself too. should ask those seniors what happened those days

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  1. Anonymous8:40 PM

    senior which seniors ur refering to ?? i didnt heard about tis news ler...


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