Tuesday, March 21, 2006

420 Rubbish Piling on Bridge (EA2 & Cyberia)

after class YESTERDAY, it was about to rain... so i rushed out of class and walked back home for my 6pm drama. so when i reached the staff's apartment, theres this do-not-cross line. every walkers were like ffff it la, so we went through the line, walked through those muddy path. then i saw those walkers standing there looking...

then TODAY's bulletin

from bulletin.mmu.edu.my

oooOOOooo... bridge under maintainence

LATE notice... can't you guys post it the day it happen? please don't give lame excuses like 'oh my com lagging, cannot post on time'.

so we had to walked all the way though outside... longggggggggg way, then we took a peep on what really happened to the bridge

hmmm... it looks more like rubbish piling to me

you made me missed my 6pm drama :(

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