Sunday, March 26, 2006

422 Hassan Ass Raise Price Again!!!

when hassan ass first started in cyberjaya, 2 years ago...
nasi putih + ayam kicap + sayur = RM4.20 :)

six months ago, fuel price increased, good excuse to raise their price.
the same old nasi putih + ayam kicap + sayur = RM4.70 d :(

two weeks ago, my last eating in hassans... same old thingy, price was still RM4.70

still the same old nasi putih + ayam kicap + sayur thingy = RM5.00 :((

all thanks to the 30 cents fuel increase, giving excuses for blood sucking businessmen to hike up their price. my RM50 fuel tank can barely run 260km compare to 330km previously. and i still failed to get a pay raise from my lovely 'sposors' (parents) :(

thx to Mr. Gov im adapting too well to it.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    hassan ass suxx :P

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    haha.. increase petrol 30 cents but price of car drop 5% wei, izzit time for u to get a new car? =D

  3. proposal rejected by finance minister :(


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