Friday, March 31, 2006

425 Gifts from E-Run

i didnt join erun, but i read it from my fellow friend, pucat's blog

erun which she didnt go also... but still got things to blog out of it

and she kinda love the gifts they gave

kaw lot of gifts ler, 12 bucks for all these is really really pangi goat tuate

minus off those rubbish gifts they gave, will only left

the BEST from the best sponsor, rakan muda is really good in finding sponsors

which they expected that candidates will have sex after a tiring day of marathon

the NO word reminds me that a year ago, i was 'cheated' by my old friend to go this 'rave' party back in pearl of orient. oh yes... the party was also sponsored by our great uncle durex and they had this miss durex thingy... which guys will vote for their durex 'queen' with sms, and the future miss durex are suppose to complete the slogan "when i have sex... i will practice safe sex blah blah blah", which i wonder whether it did happen during erun.

so i went back home with the condom of cause. knowing that i wont be 'needing' it (which u know why :( ) i gotta find a way to get rid of it. if i threw it in the rubbish bin, the last thing i wanna know is that my mum is asking who's condom was that. so i decided to put in my bro's wallet. the next morning, a sunday, a family day... when we were about to leave home, i was tieing my shoe laces and my bro came out from the room with a ffff you look :P

the last time i went back for tri break, THE CONDOM is still on the table

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