Sunday, April 02, 2006

426 Kim Gary with Ping

its late now so cincai blog then suak d

it was 8pm d just now, hungry sial... then i ym-ed SzePing what he wanna eat, then he suggested to go kim gary wor. since my lenglui daughter, LeePing havent eat ma ajak her to come along

Zong, LeePing and me in kimgary sunway :)

check out my new cap from my dad, leng mou?

trying to get a snapshot of SpAnArZ manatau Alan and Ping got into the pic :P

then Ping sponsor-ed us french toast, yummy :)

after the wonderful meal, we headed back and we passed by qbar and we saw the police crime scene do-not-cross-line and apparently qbar was sealed off by mpsj and they put a 'under renovation' sign there

shit happened here

then we headed back to the intelligent city

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