Sunday, April 02, 2006

427 God Hates Dota (The Window Incident)

coming tuesday, gonna have math test 2 which i havent study yet.

after lunch, came back from hassan ass (our weekend favourite spot) again. Vanila ym-ed us asking us to dota. since i havent study yet and lazy to play dota. i gave excuses like if Alan and ChinKuang play then i play loh

so fortunately, ChinKuang was sleeping manatau that cbk Vanila called his cellphone to wake him up, ceh

so we enter the channel waiting for my roomie to host game then suddenly we heard window breaking sound from my room

uh oh

this is bad

there goes our dota game :(

then we had to clean up the mess

picking up the broken pieces

pack it nicely to dispose

and the problem is we cant find any stone or object which break the thing

after cleaning up the mess, the window is glassless

so we had to paste something on it

with my fila plastic bag, tools in my room, rotten art talent in form 2 and lousy kh skills in form 3

tadaa, our new fila 'sponsored' window

what i can say is that God hates dota and dota 'hai si lang'

but if u have any information about this incident, please inform us. we shall reward u greatly and reward him even 'better'


  1. Anonymous2:19 AM

    i know who did it!!!! i saw him doing it....that ccb...he wore grey shirt...quite short... look a bit terencat akal....he can toss any unit around him..that guy that time up his toss one time only...500 range, 75 damage....that's why the window pecah a bit only.....i think his name is tiny....must catch that fella...must so long dee.... :D

  2. you should know who dota talk again... swt

  3. Anonymous2:01 AM

    sure muz be peh.. =.="

  4. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Sif tiny, Clearly the work of pudge, the fat prick hooked thats why there was no evidence. and oi what server do you guys play on, uswest east what?


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