Monday, April 03, 2006

428 You Shall Not Pass (The Bridge Sequel)

Previously in Cyberjaya
420 Rubbish Piling on Bridge (EA2 & Cyberia)
bridge down blah blah blah, made me cannot watch drama

recap of the bulletin post from mmu bulletin on Tue, 21st March 2006

let me highlight the main point of the bulletin

picture during 3rd of April, 2006 which looks worst than before

with no sign of 'repairing'

and the 'promises' which THEY never keep

enough sad news for today,

the good news for today


my very new window which we paid 150 bucks for the contractor to fix it

1 comment:

  1. 150 for tht tiny window? OMG...sweat
    You study mmu so long dy know la right MMU is a money making uni, they're just waiting for someone to pay for the broken bridge.


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