Wednesday, April 05, 2006

429 Easter Event 06

we suppose to have math test 2 tonight but since my ex-roomie, Engz invited us to go to his event tonite...

Easter Event 06 by CF (pic from cfmmu yahoo groups)

which i bet u guys noticed this

the 'easter event zh'ng-ed edition' myvi parked outside of cyberia

my whole house took mc and skipped math test just to watch his play. this is what a good ex-roomie do, good ler :P

The Play Synopsis (Super Summary Version)
there are 3 different stories in this play, story told in a no business kopitiam by a dem kaypo kopitiam owner :
1. story of a father and a daughter which looks more like some daddy-little girl love thingy

2. story of a kiamsiap college girl

and lastly
3. story of a daughter not accepting her mother for being hotter than her

the mother and daughter story involves some chicks dancing which is the only interesting part of the whole play

after the play we went for 'front'stage pass to take photos with the crew

me with a kelefe and the guitarist, Victor


the puppet master behind the play, Engz

after the event, Peh, Kuang, Hup and i went to sri petaling for dim sum

restoran clan

which has sucky yucky dim sum

but they are famous for


the 'chicken nest' pao, yummy

with 'loh mai kai' and salty-eggyoke inside of it which cost RM4 for a pao

after supper,

we went to seven eleven to find our 'friend'

but instead we found this drink

with hilary duff's face on it, what dreams are made of ... swt

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