Thursday, April 06, 2006

430 'Special' Set Lunch from Gasonline

skipped math tutorial to join Peh and Kuang to cut hair in serdang, somewhere near Restoran Mingchu.

since theres been sometime i didnt go to Peh's favourite place, so we decided to go there for lunch

gasonline in serdang

im sure u guys heard of it, the place where guys like to go... which that day, CharngYee asked me bout it

Charng: Have u heard bout this place call gasonline?
me: yaya, Peh's favourite place.
Charng: My guy friends beria-ria like to go there.
me: ??? the place sucks, dem dark, dem noisy, how to yumcha
Charng: They say there alot of cun chix wan wor.
[now im imagining the Peh's kawwwwww cunnnnnn arrrrrr]
me: u meant those high school chicks...

so we went in, and theres no people since its afternoon and little girls should be in school. We ordered set lunch, Peh ordered sweet sour chicken, Kuang and i ordered rendang chicken.

Peh's came first then ours took like foreverrr to come... after Peh finished his food then only ours came.

very big plate, round round eggy, crunchy ikan bilis and dem big drumstick sommore, convincing

til we ate the inner part of the drumstick, its freezing cold, yucks... then Kuang complained, the waiter took it back and thew them.

and we waited foreverrr again for the next round... and it came like just now

same old thing but this time, the chicken came really cooked

but Kuang found something 'special' in his rendang chicken

rubber band in the rendang kuah, yummy

after that, we paid the bill then the waiter came again asking is the chicken hot enough and how it is, trying to show that they do 'care' bout their customers til Kuang showed him the rubber band which he cant care so much anymore

so he diam diam walked away... too bad

mmff awards Gasoline the food sa award


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    conclusion....peh go there not for the bring girls(girls that are working there)to see his "gold fish" kam yu loh...

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    as usual.. "peh did it again..."


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