Friday, April 07, 2006

431 Friday Morning

last night was completing the DCC 2 report til kaw late then came back home and talk talk with housemates til super late and slept at 5+

woke up at 10+ , dem tired but still go brush up and all for the 11am ECP class. before left my house, dad called telling me hes in KL and lets have lunch at KLIA, good idea :)

so me and Hup left home at 11.05am, and i found a dem nice parking lot

i never had a nice parking spot since the day mmu turned into a car showroom

pao-ed some fella's sun newspaper on the way up from parking lot. then on the way to class, my dad called... he is going lunch with his buddy, daddy pun ffk me, ceh. then we enter the class at 11.15am.

we were surprised that everyone was smiling smiling when we came in... then Victor turned and told us that shes teaching the last slide d. which means we woke at dem early dem tired for a 5 min class.

came in read 2 pages of newspaper then class finish jor

its only 11.25, god dammit

and of cause i wont waste my 'NICE' parking space, so i told my housemates we must stay in campus longer or not i not satisfied... so we went to fcm for lunch :)

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  1. LOL. She imba ma, finished one blarrdy chapter in a mere 1 n 1/2 hrs of class. i woke up jus for her class too, phuck btol!


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