Saturday, April 08, 2006

432 HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary

that day was chatting with HooiKiang til she reminded me bout

HooiKiang : wei... we can gather again for haagan daz liao... ady one year anniversary..
me : one year d meh? what was the date rrrr? but duwan buffet loh
HooiKiang : hahhahaha.... 16 march lo..
me : wah, over so long d... u no remind me :( next week la, we go haagen daz
HooiKiang : hahahaha....
me : anything lohhh but all member must b ther la
HooiKiang : ahhah... wait one day la..
me : kk, plan dulu. where we go this time?
HooiKiang : saisaki..
me : wheres that?
HooiKiang : japanese buffer la..
me : wah. where lai de?
HooiKiang : one-u got..
me : wah. so far gehhh... no nearer wan rrr?
HooiKiang : near klcc also got lo..
me : wahhh. 1u sounded better. when u girls free?
HooiKiang : haha. i said only ler.. very expensive.. need to ask euniece lo....
me : wah. expensiff rrrrr
HooiKiang : ya lo..
me : i kenot eat buffet de. i eat very little. not dai

it all started with March 16th, 2005 study week during beta. alot of our friends went to haagen daz to have ice cream buffet WITHOUT US!

for not feeling left out, four of us went and the HaAgEnDaZ Clan is formed.

HaAgEnDaZ Clan members: Euniece, HooiKiang, Kalai and me in Haagen Daaz, Sunway Pyramid

after that on July 16th, 2005, we had a 2nd HaAgEnDaZ Clan Trip without Eunice to buy shoes

because SOMEONE ffk~ed us to go bon odori with 'someone' to take pic with some japs

HooiKiang, Kalai and me in Subway, 1 Utama

the same night, we went over to Daniel's place to celebrate his birthday :)

this time with Euniece d

and the last outing we had was HaAgEnDaAz Converse Trip 2 featuring probation member, CharngYee on July 23rd, 2005. which we came back not buying any shoes but new clothes instead :P

then was chatting with Euniece just now

Euniece : let's change to baskin 31. go on the 31st and eat 31 off. haagan dazs laplace tranformation to baskin robins
me : errrrr. this month no 31st ler lady. boh zha konggggg

HaAgEnDaZ Clan Next Outing
proposed place: Victoria Station
Euniece (4/8/2006 10:44:33 PM): haagan dazs reunion at victoria station

proposed date: 21st
Euniece(4/8/2006 10:39:42 PM): okie next week, 21st

proposed plan:
Euniece : then go midvally then eat baskin then kai kai


Happy First Anniversary to all of us :)


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    wah wah ... plan without me...:( hahah... nevermind, i'm free duhh..... :p

  2. haha... who ask u go bac penang leh

  3. Anonymous12:28 AM

    ho liao bo my plan? :p
    is kalai free?

  4. havent tell him yet worrr... see whether he got read my blog boh loh... if no then we without him, lol


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