Tuesday, April 11, 2006

435 'Spearheading' The 'Intelligent' City's 'Transformation'

all Cyberjayers should know that MDC made a 'spearheading tranformation' for all of its projects. so as for me, a true Cyberjaya lover... i had to cope with these 'transformation'

in today's star, Uncle Lah said 'DO IT OR GO'

ma do loh...

the first thing MDC did is changing their corporate name from MDC to...

MDeC with the redundant 'e' with no meaning at all

so as a Cyberjaya lover which is trying too hard to cope with this 'transformation', i came out with a 'transform'ed name...

i changed my momofofo to capital letter, MOMOFOFO and added the redundant 'e' which sounded so very 'spearheaded' to make it MOeMOeFOeFOe

then they bring it to the next level

by adding 'of Malaysia' behind of MSC as if we dont know its from Malaysia

feeling left out using the word 'in'

so i changed it to 'of'

after that...

MSC suppose to be BIG while Malaysia suppose to be small

so i tried to make it BIG too

ooops, too big, out of allignment jor :(

after the 'transformation', let me introduce...

the all new 'spearheaded transformed' MOeMOeFOeFOe of Cyberjaya

Happy 10th Birthday to our Multimedia Super Corridor :)

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  1. .....

    mofo kor, Over-spearheaded liao!


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