Thursday, April 13, 2006

436 Art Class in Com Class

Previously in Cyberjaya
20 min Friday morning class

a tiring morning, woke up at 8 ni tau ngu eng eng ffk our epm class then went to the 10am ecp class.

on the way to class, we got some spoilers... about some playing newspaper thingy

so we entered the class, and there 2 questions on the board and she asked us to do those 2 simple questions which dragged us 30 minutes long to start the newspaper thingy...

after passing up the answers, she splited us into 3 groups

and started giving us sun newspapers

which explains why we cant find any newspapers that morning. so she asked us to make a building using the newspaper without using anything to support it, which includes staples, glue, tape or even saliva... swt

so we started by

rollin the paper

stucking the paper into another paper's hole

then Peh 'thunder, thunder, thundercat' to make the paper even longer

then Alan tie knots to make it stronger

fixing the base

then we put a base at the bottom so that it wont slip

then they put 2 BIG and heavy balls to make sure the tower is 'stable'

making it 'longer' and 'longer' and trying to put a big hat on it

the final result

hat adding ceremony video, dont wear a BIG if u have a small head

then we add a hat to make it look nicer, cosmetic

lets take a look of our opponents, so low nia, feeders...

then we won a bar of choc which happens that we cant be split in 16 ways

we had fun

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