Tuesday, April 18, 2006

438 Motorola and MMU 'Future' Collaboration Bulletin Post REMOVED

this afternoon, after reading alot of annoying ym messages bout how 'racism' motorola and mmu could be. so i decided to take a look, and i clicked on the link and i read. after the last incident with our Uncle Bosch, this is indeed a deja vu :(

later, Cyberjayers started to forward jeffooi's post... whatever dont care

so 5 min earlier i decided to check out the bulletin again by clicking on my friend's status and...

wheres the bulletin post? god dammit kena prank

so i decided to find it myself, clicking from a friend who has broken link sucks

hmmm... why dont have geh

it is indeed, 'they' had removed it... getting rid of the 'evidence' huh? dem smart

but please try harder, its in jeffooi.com

image taken from http://www.jeffooi.com/MMU_060418web.jpg

i am disappointed...

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