Thursday, April 20, 2006

441 The Night Before HaAgEnDaZ's 2006 First Outing

tomorrows plan will be...

we wait til 630pm then go fetch tai siu jeh from class then we go outing :)
more information about the HaAgEnDaZ Clan.

Plan Under Development - ScReWdRiVeRz-PeHmAtEz Outing aka Pity Peh 2

Previously in Cyberjaya
201 Pity Peh

The current plan is ScReWdRiVeRz Clan will go for an outing with the PeHmAtEz to midvalley. then will have dinner in kim gary which we hope Miss Kim is still there. then watch a movie which Peh watched and it must be those he dont wanna watch again wan... just like what happened in 201 Pity Peh.


  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    ,,/,, -.-" ,,\,, :Þ

  2. :D muahahaha, tai siu jeh lo... :p

  3. Peh u are a celebrity, can u please behave yourself :P

    kakaka dont too long ya eunice :) and C3PO too, dont be late :p


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