Sunday, April 23, 2006

442 u know u just got "zha dou"ed when...

this post is a fill in the blanks game where the winner will get a free meal to sri petaling 'dim sum' with the game producers.

u know u just got "zha dou"ed when --- ------ ---- --------- -- --- ---- --------- -- -- '--- ---' ------- ---

number of words = 14 (3+6+4+9+2+3+4+9+2+2+3+3+7+3 char)

1. closing date at April 30th, 2006.
2. just post answer on comments and remember to put your name there.
3. all entries are acceptable except for Peh HINT!!!

Executive Producers:
and me of coz :)


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    peh doesnt want ---- to eat what ---- blah blah

  2. wrong haha but at least u got the 1st word correct

    now its...

    u know u just got "zha dou"ed when Peh ------ ---- --------- to --- ---- --------- -- -- '--- ---' ------- ---

  3. u know u just got "zha dou"ed when.................PEH START AJAK PEHMATES TO THE......argh give up haha:D

  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    if got "peh" word inside, sure muz have = dota.. pawn.. noob.. screwed.. ngaa.. pity.. lol...

  5. Anonymous10:40 PM

    yay i know the answer deng deng deng deng....drum roll please....the answer is.. u know u just got "zha dou"ed when Peh called your telephone to ask your housemate to go dim sum without you
    hahahahahhahhaha i'm so smart!!!!!!! muahahhahahahahhaha.....ok ler...Peh told me what he thinks but i found out the words one by one by myself haahah....dun worry peh....i will give u some siew mai and har gao...hahahah

  6. looks like we have a winner :( didnt expect it to be this early :P

    this week we go eat dim sum la... i will call peh then ask peh pass the fon to u then ajak u go dim sum k?



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