Sunday, April 30, 2006

445 a piss-ed off blogger

being a blogger is tough... its not about blogging talent, but things get worst when theres ppl trying to piss u off

in the beginning of my blogging days, i love my readers to leave my comments... or maybe im desperate for comments :P so i left the comment moderation OFF

beginning of this season,

i had to ON the comment moderation

how the comment moderation page looks like

because there are anonymous readers who didnt quite like my posts

for example,

some sohai anony who against my 417 CCNA are for losers ONLY post

theres a reason why i moved up my blog description to the top rather than leaving it below like in my previous template. dear readers please do read my notice on top.

today, i have worst comments to moderate...

porn ad in my comments :(

by readers who claimed that their dick is big

other than facing problems with readers who has big dicks, a blogger has to face copyright issues... im writing this eventhou i know that this post will be a free publicity to his blog :(

just now i was reading my old friend's blog, adrian hew's.

hmmm, the common TicTac (Blueberry) template by Dan Cederholm, but a modified version of it... changed some pictures then add this and that

he had enrolled into sunway blah blah blah, quite happy that he done well there

til i saw something below of his blog...

god dammit... he copied my blog description :(

dem sad, he curi my Cyberjaya ideas to use in Sunway... hopefully u can cari makan there la, good luck old friend :)


  1. hahahahah... meaning u r famous lo...!!!

  2. :D haha, so famous that ur friend wants to copy ur Cyber ideas! sigh~

  3. Anonymous11:24 PM

    haiya, desperate for comments izzit..
    tell earlier mar, so me will post comments for all ur post lo.. LOL!!

  4. wah ni loyal reader :D

  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    hrmm ..
    usu ur description ..
    sue them la.. :))

    but b4 tat plz copy right ur description :D

  6. publicity wooo... =D
    sorry for not crediting ur disclaimer... =P great bloggers must share some bloggin stuffs ma...


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