Wednesday, May 03, 2006

446 Happy Birthday Turtle - Part 1

Turtle's birthday was last weekend but we decided to do it today because everyone went back last weekend :P

so we went to coliseum (somewhere near sogo), the place we promised to bring November since like ages ago :)) finally we are going, so dont say we didnt bring u go before :P

so we depart at 730 from mmu bus stop. 4 cars, Turtle's, Puss's, Peh's, Vanila's and Rocklee's.

we went thru the sk road, it was raining heavily

going to KL is so farrrrr... and that Peh who suppose to be leading the way, dunno flew to where d... the klang driver syndrome, swt

finally we reached KL

then Puss missed a turning and ended up bringing us to somewhere he likes to go, lorong haji taib. the place where ppl sell durians...

there are ppl who sell clothes and fake nike shoes on the street

and there are ppl who sell butt on the street

it looks like this haji taib's lorong is famous for 'something'

so Vanila started to get pissed so he led the way, and...

we ended up in a dead road

luckily its not lorong haji taib, or else i think those dick-enable 'prostitute' might open our doors and hop into the car...

so we had to make a U-turn in the small lorong making a havok in that place

after that we ended up infront of the mall, i can say that we are totally lost. so we pulled over...

and the drivers started blaming how suck each other's sense of direction and started to kick each other's ass

Puss's map which made us lost

so they decided to get out of town and reenter the city...

finally... sogo...

after a few turns, then we went to park the lorong behind which we have to pay for the 'valet' parking of 3 bucks. and the first thing Buaya did was throwing the map into the bin :))

then we enter the restaurant to meet the rest


  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Puss suppose to lead the way, after the jam at sk i lost u guys so i proceeded ahead. Not very sure of the way myself but with some lucky charm from kiat we arrived at the venue =)

  2. Anonymous7:38 PM

    haha pussy ur map suxx :P

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    yeah la stupid pussy.....lead us to see other pussies or man made pussies and also durian....."eh i know this is a stupid question but did we pass sogo already?" -Pussy "DUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" -Vanila

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM

    dun blame peh 1st...blame the white kancil driver who miss the turning ( I THINK ON PURPOSE!)

    remember oh...6 ppl's meal? me yc vic ven ck's...ohh kiat also...HAHAHAHAHA

  5. Anonymous5:26 AM

    1st, peh lansi us know the way but dun wan lead.. drive ahead somemore??
    2nd, puss lead way ended up miss turning n masuk lorong haji taib.. (u sengaja wan go see durians or juz wanna see...??)
    3rd, vanila try lead way out, badluck.. all masuk dead end..

    thus, all whos fault? can we say its peh? or blame all to puss?

    *puss map.. if u wan print, go print a BIGGER version out la!!
    (and wat was ur co-driver doing? no help u meh? he also a driver wei..)


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