Thursday, May 04, 2006

447 Sherie's Tips for Exam

previously in Cyberjaya

in 112 i quit dota


last nite, Degil was reading and laughing bout Sherie's blog, so i decided to take a look at it...

Sherie's blog is too sexy for her

she was commenting bout src's bulletin post on tips for exam. then now i know why Degil laughed...

what she commented on the "4."Self-discipline" & "Self-initiative""

a wise dota player once said, "once a dota player, forever a dota player" :P

read the full post here in

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  1. wad.. correct right? u wanted to quit dota since ages ago and u even UNinstalled it.. see now! see!

  2. soli loh, this proves that i no "Self-discipline" & "Self-initiative" :(


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